Video Of Mom Ignoring Fallen Baby Upsets TikTok


You can’t really judge a person based on one moment in their entire life…most of the time. This woman that TikToker @lowlife_edgar filmed in a Champs Sports store is pushing that philosophy.

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The short TikTok of her response to her baby’s carriage falling over is horrifying everyone who sees it.

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The video starts with the baby’s carriage already on the floor, it appears to have slid backwards from the weight on the handles. The woman, who seesm to be the baby’s mom, is at the register finishing a transaction.

We don’t know if she reacted before the filming started, but in the next 30 seconds or so, she doesn’t even seem to look while the baby cries, and a strange man approaches and puts the carriage rightside up.

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“When the stimmy already hit u dgaf bout the kid,” @lowlife_edgar wrote over the clip.

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He watched for a second to see if the baby falls again—or if mom pays attention. Then he looks into the camera, disbelief on his face visible even through a mask.

The kid seems to be okay, but it’s still very strange to not check in on a crying infant on the floor or on a strange guy handling that infant during a pandemic.

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Commenters were focused on how the way the mom treated the baby in public speaks volumes about how she probably ignores or neglects the baby in private. Because this is already extreme:

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Again, you can’t know everything about a situation from one TikTok, but we do know that kids deserve better than this.