27 People Share The Scandalous Reasons “That” Teacher Got Fired From Their School

When you are young, you see authority figures in your life as authority figures, and not human beings just doing the best they can. Then you become a teenager and you realize your parents, your teachers, and all the other adults in your life are flawed individuals who have worlds of their own inside of themselves. For some people, this happens sooner rather than later, especially if a big event prompts it, like their parents getting divorced or their teachers getting fired.

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Redditor u/MrDev16 recently asked: “Why did that teacher get fired from your school?” and racked up over 38K upvotes and 19K comments as people chimed in about their flawed educators. 

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Two teachers, they got caught banging in a classroom—u/urfrennico


Students laughed she ate toothpaste. Turns out she was an alcoholic trying to cover her breath.—u/LowlyWorm1


One of my high school teaches was caught on To Catch a Predator. (One of my high school teaches was caught on To Catch a Predator.)—u/MyBodyStoppedMoving

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My math teacher was a volunteer first responder (in NY), she left school to help out during 9/11 and was fired for not showing back up for two weeks.—u/Remerry


One of the elementary school teachers at the district I went to got arrested for making his class worship him like he was a cult leader. He was totally bonkers.—u/sandyandy12


He didn’t come to parent teacher interview night. The next day, he was late for class and crashed his pickup into a brick sign outside the school. Cops showed up obviously and allegedly he blew twice the legal limit. He called the principal ‘a c—t’ as he was taken away.—u/capitanclarke

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Our new band teacher was a young guy, fresh out of college. His first year teaching and he embezzled about a thousand dollars from the band’s funds. He got arrested and his possible future career ruined for a thousand bucks.

Edit: Probably my favorite part of the story was that he went by the name Mr. E. So once he was gone, the ruthless band kids referred to him as Mr. Embezzlement.—u/RepentantLeafyGreens


Geeky A/V teacher that everyone loved. Knew he was a geek and owned it. Caught in a predator sting trying to solicit underage girls. The kicker was a spring school levy was coming up, local police conspired with the school district to hide the charges for 3 weeks until the levy was passed. Someone substituted his class for 3 weeks.

Yea everyone was both devastated and pissed. The district ended the school year early.—u/ra4332


Explained Elasticity by pulling the Bra strap of a girl.—u/Er_Strange_

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Arrested by the FBI for credit card fraud. It was a few months after the arrest when the reason why he disappeared came out in the open.—u/fleshcoloredbanana


Female PE teacher, she got caught sniffing a girls underwear while she was showering.—u/Norman_Brownbutter


Dating a 16 year old female student – he was also a PE teacher EDIT: I should clarify that he did do jail time and is on the sex offenders register—u/caalofduty

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She had fallen off the wagon and was drinking a lot to the point where it was affecting her memory. We kept doing the same lecture on density in sixth grade science for a month, until one my classmates decided to ask another teacher about it. From there she went to rehab.

If anyone wants more context. She was our homeroom and science teacher. She was very nice, and married to our assistant principal, so she had a little bit more leeway. While she was able to remain sober for a while, she eventually passed away do the effects of her addiction a few years after this. She never seemed like a bad teacher, but she was always stressed to the absolute maximum, always felt like she was working from behind, and generally struggling to keep up. You know, the traditional tail end of the “functioning” addict lifestyle.—u/ConneryFTW


The principal of my elementary school got fired the first year he was hired. Or took leave before he was arrested. I’m not actually sure which came first. So a couple kids in my 4th grade class thought they’d prank the science teacher by pouring iodine and bleach into his coffee when he wasn’t looking. The teacher tasted it as soon as the drink hit his tongue and immediately spit it out. He grilled the class and the kids admitted to it and got sent to the principals office. The principal found out which of them physically poured the chemicals into the coffee, then took him into the bathroom to discipline him (hit him).

Apparently he grabbed the bottom of his jaw while screaming in his face. You could hear him echoing through the hallway. Then he squeezed hard enough that the boy started crying. So he slapped him across the face and told him to stop crying. The kids dad was a lawyer btw. Suddenly cops were in the building and our new principal was out the door.—u/BjaOckX_x


My sociology teacher in high school was fired for throwing an chalkboard eraser at a sleeping students head. He was a great teacher, and always did this in good humor. Obviously not a great idea in retrospect, but we all knew that we could get away with sleeping in his class if we didn’t mind getting an eraser upside the head if he noticed. I heard he was fired a few years after I graduated high school, and that kinda bummed me out.—u/JustAnotherF

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My AP chem teacher had an affair with the principal. Principal got fired too. I felt bad for her. They didn’t do anything on school property, and it didn’t impact her performance in the classroom.—u/EndoShota


He was playing his guitar for students at my elementary school. He had been warned before, but the kids enjoyed it so he continued to play it for them anyways.

One day, the assistant principal was lurking in the hallway and wandered to his classroom. She saw him playing his guitar and fired him on the spot. A whole lot of students were crying that day because he was an amazing guy.—u/itsSomethingCool


Our beloved teacher, Mr Maune, had worked there for 29 years without incident and was one of the best teachers there. His classroom was always a laugh riot. He was the best roaster and encourages us to roast him properly. He never failed to get us motivated and a lot of us owe our career inspiration from him.

He was fired because he had jokingly smacked a student on the back of his head for making a stupid comment. It was like something out of a sitcom and all of us expected it and loved it. Yet one student, who was new at the school, was culture shocked by this. He thought it was strange but hilarious. He told his mom off handedly and his mom became the Karen. —u/AthenaSpyKali

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He straight up didn’t show up to work one Monday, didn’t call in to arrange a sub or anything. He ghosted the school for a whole week and then tried to come in the following Monday like nothing happened.—u/PushTheButton_FranK


He got arrested driving through Nevada over the summer with 5 lbs of weed in his car that he’d bought in a California. He had no intention on telling the district and we only found out because a news reporter from the town he was arrested in contacted our superintendent for a quote on the matter. He was let go immediately.—u/sno_Boarder


A co-worker teacher got fired two weeks in the new semester, when instead of uploading a video related to his subject, he instead accidentally continued a previously paused hardcore lesbian scene on the big interactive screen.

The computer he was using was slow and sh—ty too so he couldn’t quickly exit the video. It went on for a good 30 seconds before someone pulled the plug on the screen around the same time he lobbed the laptop about 30 feet across the class.—u/Sean_0510

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Oh boy where to start. Elementary school nurse was fired for taking the kids’ medications. HS band teacher slept with a 15 yr old. Swim coach left a hotel that he was at with his mistress drunk and killed someone with his car. My high school had like 400 students.—u/clarkcubed


I still think about this all the time. The assistant principal that kicked me out school for smoking weed, got arrested for picking up a prostitute, then fired.—u/floridas_lostboy


He was legally blind and ended up stabbing and killing his wife.

Here is the link to the story in the paper if anyone is interested: It was a CRAZY week at school after that.—u/xGOSHUx

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Had a history teacher get fired for going off syllabus and spending time on the pre-Judaic flood stories. One of maybe two reasons I’m obsessed with Mesopotamian/Anatolian/Egyptian history now.—u/mindfeces


He “accidentally” made a really racist joke thinking the class would think it was funny (they didn’t ofc) so he was fired that day.—u/onesmellyboi99


My AP English teacher got high on painkillers, broke into someone’s house, and ate their soup.—u/nip-nop