Woman’s Friend Announces Her Pregnancy At Her Baby’s Funeral Causing Outrage

A Florida woman says that her daughter’s funeral became a spectacle when a former friend announced her new pregnancy amidst the mourning and heartbreak.

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Darly from Miami said that her daughter Jayla had passed away after being born premature and staying in the hospital for nearly a year.

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She shared the disturbing story on TikTok, explaining that she and the woman are no longer friends.

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“Still thinking about how this ‘friend’ announced her pregnancy at my daughter’s funeral and recorded the whole thing despite my husband and I asking everyone not to,” Darly wrote. She continued to speak about her ex-friend’s horrific behavior in other videos and shared the story of their early friendship. Darly said they had met when they were 11 and basically grew up together. But her friend was not there for her when Jayla was born and needed to be hospitalized.

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For Jayla’s funeral, Darly requested that everyone wear purple in honor of her late daughter. Her friend did not—and also arrived late. Then, the friend emphasized that she was two-months pregnant. She apparently stuck her stomach out and made a big show of being nauseous.

“Her daughter was due in August and the funeral was in January. She was barely two months pregnant and she was forcefully pushing her stomach out and rubbing her stomach, and like fake gagging,” Darly said.

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“And one of my friends was like, ‘What? Are you trying to say something? Are you pregnant or something?'”  

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“And she was like, ‘Yeah I’m having a baby.’ And I was like, ‘Wow, you’re going to do this now as I’m burying my daughter?'”

While her friend acted in such a cruel way, Darly was dealing with the trauma of losing her daughter as well as discovering that she was also pregnant with her son: “During this time, I had just lost my daughter — she passed away on January 12 and on January 13, I found out I was pregnant with my son.”

Darly said that she cut off her friend and that they are no longer in contact.

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Good riddance.

Featured Image: TikTok