Pregnant OnlyFans Star Says She Was Offered $12,000 To Livestream Her Birth—And She’s Doing It

There have been quite a few stars of the COVID-19 pandemic: TikTok, online shopping, takeout, and OnlyFans. The latter received an uptick in 2020 for a couple of reasons. With record-breaking unemployment levels in April that year, people laid off by their jobs needed income. Additionally, the pandemic has ushered in a new era of sex, dating and sexuality — with technology driving the change.

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One of those stars of the pandemic-spurred sexual revolution is Carla Bellucci, who is making bank off of pregnancy content.

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After she announced her pregnancy on the platform, she noticed more money coming in — $3,000, in fact. Putting two and two together, Bellucci realized she could make a lot of money off of pregnancy fetishists.

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Good for her!

“So many men have fetishes for pregnant women,” she told The Daily Star. “Men want to see my bump and they are excited about me growing.”

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Bellucci doesn’t just stop at belly content. She plans to live-stream her birth for cash.

A subscriber offered her $12,000 to be able to watch and Bellucci has since opened the opportunity to other subscribers. Get a handful of subscribers at $12,000 a pop and that’s almost the price it costs to have a child in America! But Bellucci lives in the UK, so she gets to pocket all that money instead. (*Cries in privatized medicine*)

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Something else Bellucci is considering? Selling her breastmilk. She didn’t consider the thought until she started getting inquiries.

Once the baby arrives, however, Bellucci will be putting up some boundaries to keep her child out of the spotlight.