“OnlyFans Mom” Says Her Kids Have Been Expelled After Parents Complained

The “OnlyFans mom” who called out women in her community for sending her photographs to her children’s principal now says the school has expelled all three of her kids.

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Crystal Jackson, who goes by the name Tiffany Poindexter online, was outed to her Catholic community in northern California last summer after a parent at her kids’ school discovered she runs a successful OnlyFans account with the help of her husband, Chris.

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It wasn’t long before word spread, and the self-righteous naysayers made sure everyone from the principal of Sacred Heart Parish School to the local bishop knew that Jackson was selling access to photos of her in lingerie, capitalizing on people’s “hot wife” fantasies.

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Already thoroughly outed to her friends and neighbors, some of whom the couple says has said have gone out of their way to harass and shun them, Jackson eventually opted to give interviews about her page, her experience, and why OnlyFans is good for her marriage.

“It was a sexy secret between me and my husband that was so exciting and fun,” she said

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But while her kids’ principal had originally ignored the meddlesome requests to remove the Jacksons’ children from Sacred Heart, the national attention to her activities apparently changed things, despite Jackson not naming the school or even using her real name in the interviews.

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“Your apparent quest for high-profile controversy in support of your adult website is in direct conflict with what we hope to impart to our students and is directly opposed to the policies laid out in our Parent/Student Handbook,” reads an email from school principal Theresa Sparks, shared by the Jacksons.

“We therefore require that you find another school for your children and have no further association with ours.”

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According to CBS13, the family isn’t even being allowed to pick up their sons’ belongings from the school.

That Jackson went public with how poorly she was treated by her Catholic community after they discovered her OnlyFans account — and it’s not hard to guess how, exactly, the account was likely found — only to have that exacerbate the whole family’s ostracism rather than reflect badly on the community gossipmongers is unfortunate.

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“It’s always been, from day one, you need to leave the school, and that’s actually what they accomplished,” she said. “They accomplished getting the kids kicked out of school.”

Her husband took things a step further, noting that with the way they’ve been treated, “it’s tough to find the Christianity here.”

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“And that makes me sad,” Chris admitted. “The church we were married at. The church all our children were baptized at. And, is that what it is?”

While Sparks and the other members of their community may feel comfortable passing judgment and punishing kids for what they believe to be the sins of the parents, that hasn’t changed the Jacksons’ decision to stick with OnlyFans.

They may have to find a new school for their children, and it may not be an easy task with nosy parents getting in the way, but the $150,000 a month the Jacksons say they make from the page should help make things a little bit easier.