Other Parents Concerned After TikTok Mom Posts Videos Letting Baby Wood Chips, Dirt, Rocks


A popular motherhood TikTok account is raising serious concerns for the user’s child after she revealed that she intentionally allows and even encourages her infant to eat sand and dirt and put rocks, woodchips, and anything else the kid wants into his mouth because she believes it will naturally build up the child’s immune system.

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She describes herself as a “vegan freebirth vbac mama,” and also apparently doesn’t believe in antibiotics, so if baby Fern gets an infection from a pierced intestine caused by a rock or woodchip he swallows, she won’t allow him any life-saving medication.

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The mom’s video explaining her reasoning for letting her kid eat anything and everything he gets his hands on (as long as it’s vegan) went viral as people who believe in medical science watched in horror as the kid sucked on sandy fingers and a wood chip his mother handed him.

“Why I let my exclusively breastfed baby eat sticks, rock, sand, dirt, and unsanitized shopping carts,” she begins, though we hope she doesn’t literally mean he eats whole entire shopping carts.

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“In the last couple hundred years, the allopathic industry has taken the world by storm,” she says to appropriately creepy horror music. “This did not happen by accident. It happened after a series of billion-dollar campaigns intended to shift the public’s perception on health.”

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For those who don’t know, “allopathic” is a term that describes a medical system that uses things like medicine, surgery, and general science to treat medical problems—also known as “conventional medicine” by people like this lady.

It’s a bit difficult to believe that this form of medical practice was established with “billion-dollar campaigns” hundreds of years ago when the very idea of a billion dollars would have sounded like absolute nonsense even to the richest people on Earth. A more reasonable explanation for why medical science became so popular is because it worked so well and saved countless lives from diseases that used to keep the average human lifespan decades lower than it is now.

“I do not fear bacteria,” she says. “In fact, I welcome it. I trust nature and my baby.”

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While breastfeeding does help to pass immunity from certain bacteria and viruses from mother to child, it is not effective in preventing all illness and infection, nor does it do anything to promote immunity from parasites that can live in sand, not to mention choking hazards and ruptured intestines from swallowing sharp objects.

These realities have led people to express serious concern for little Fern, including in the form of a video titled “This Woman’s Going to Kill Her Baby” on satire and commentary YouTube channel “Mr Beard.”

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The mom’s last TikTok video was posted just six hours prior to this article’s publishing, so it seems likely that Fern is still alive—for now. The sand-eating video now has over 17 million views and the comments are turned off for reasons we’re pretty sure we can accurately guess.

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“I just feel so bad for this baby,” says the host.

“The scariest thing about this is that she’s not going to let her child have antibiotics,” he adds. “So while Fern is in the river, f—ing sucking on rocks, and he gets an infection, she is not going to give him any antibiotics to help cure that infection.”