Mom Gets Anonymous Note Shaming Her For ‘Taking Shortcuts’ To Get Her Son To Sleep

If you’ve ever had a sleep-fussy kid, you know the pain of trying desperately to get both you and them to bed. Some people stroll the child around in a stroller until they fall asleep and then put them into bed. Others drive them around in a car for awhile. One mother-of-two lets her son sleep in the car while she keeps it running in the driveway — and recently shared on Facebook that she received a nasty note criticizing her parenting choices.

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The mom, from Sydney, received an anonymous letter slamming her for ruining the environment in order to “take shortcuts” to get her kid to sleep.

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“I like most of your neighbours walk past your house a couple of times a day and notice that you have your car running constantly on some days, I can see your child and sometimes you in the car, while I understand you use the car to soothe or put your child to sleep, I am sure you must understand the damage you are doing to the environment,” the author of the letter wrote.

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“To have a vehicle like yours running for hours daily for no acceptable reason is beyond comprehension. If you truly cared for your children you would care about the environment you are leaving them in the long term and not just your short-term convenience and comfort.”

I have raised three children and have never had to resort to driving or using to put my child to sleep,” the person added. Which, like, good for you?

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Look, there’s nothing ideal about this situation. Should you run your car for hours so your kid can sleep? No. The goal is to get your kid to sleep in their bed. Should you butt into other peoples’ childcare choices? Not unless there’s something really terrible going on.

The mom explained that she hasn’t had “one uninterrupted night’s sleep in almost six years so we do what we have to do to get a well-earned break.” She said that her son naps in the car for an hour and a half, and that “when I find out who this is they are seriously going to regret starting a war with me.”

Featured Image: Facebook

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