Mom Of Six Shares Four “Weird” Rules She Has For Her Kids And Sparks Debate / TikTok

A mother of six has faced internet infamy for sharing the four “weird” rules she keeps for her family. / TikTok
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The woman, Sharon, admits that some of the rules seem a little overzealous. “Being a parent is weird, I never thought I would have a no singing rule.”

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But when you’re annoyed enough, I guess any rule goes.

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In the TikTok, Sharon shares that she also makes her kids take two years of piano lessons, bans friends on Sundays, and has outright outlawed homework. / TikTok

She finishes the video by telling families to do what works for them and “embrace it”.

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People asked tons of questions.

“How do you get away with the no homework rule,” wondered one user. Happily, another replied: “You can tell the teacher and school beginning of the year that your child will not be having homework sent home. Most states have that law in place.”

Sharon also added, “If homework is a regular thing for their teacher to give out, I email them and tell them we won’t be doing it.”

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Other people wanted to know more about why “no singing” was a rule. Sharon explained, “We had the rule when I was a kid and I didn’t understand it until I had kids.” / TikTok

But that isn’t even that rare of a rule! Several people said they also had “no singing” as a rule growing up and believed “it’s a good one”.

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“My Dad had a no singing rule when we were younger,” another viewer wrote in.

Someone else noted, “We don’t sing at the dinner table in Europe, it is called respect.”

But others criticized Sharon’s rules.

“I will always find it rly weird to force kids to learn something even if they have no interest in it,” said someone.

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Sharon replied that music is akin to math or reading in that it is a life skill that will help her kids down the road.

“Music is amazing! Knowing notes, beats, tones, patterns, rhythms, and it triggers another part of your brain!” she said.

She also defended Sunday’s friend ban: “It’s family day! We have a Giant brunch and go do something epic as a family.”

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