Anti-Masker Mother Brags About Grounding Teen For Wearing A Mask

If you ever felt like your parents punished you over something absolutely ridiculous growing up, at least you can presumably say they weren’t out of their minds enough to reprimand you for wearing a mask in the middle of a pandemic.

Twitter user @Sakowichmom made waves recently after proudly announcing to the world that she not only refuses to wear a mask herself, but actually grounded her teenager for going behind her back to wear one at the store.

Her tweet was in response to a call for September 15 to be a day for “No More Masks,” which had been shared by a Trump supporter and instructed people “all over the world” to just “throw that filthy thing away.”

Needless to say, none of this sat well with people online, who couldn’t believe the audacity of a parent who had somehow raised a kid who is thoughtful of other people — their comfort, their health, their safety — but then punished them for being those things.

And others pointed out how atrocious it is to stop your child from trying to be safe during a pandemic.

According to The Daily Dot, @Sakowichmom has another account under the name of @KristinaLAllen, which appears to have been locked for violating Twitter rules against abuse and harassment after she advocated for executing protestors in Los Angeles.

She also is a promoter of QAnon, the insane conspiracy theory involving pedophilia, cannibalism, and a heroic Trump sent in to save the children from Hollywood elites and Democrats.

So it sounds entirely plausible that being grounded for wearing a mask may be the least of her teen’s worries — but still, don’t parent by grounding your kid for doing the right thing. You’d think that would be a pretty basic rule of parenting, but 2020 is certainly bringing out the worst in…some people.