Julia Fox Says Parents Should Buy Kids Cleaning Supplies As Toys To Put Them To Work

julia fox parenting
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Julia Fox took to TikTok the other day to share her views on child-rearing in modern times — namely, that children should be put to work by their parents as early as possible.

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The model and mother of 19-month-old son Valentino said in the video that childhood was “only invented in the 18th century” and prior to that, children were “just regarded as little adults.”

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“That’s why in a lot of old paintings the children don’t look the same way that we show them today, you know, with the like angelic features and all that stuff. They didn’t do that back then,” Fox said in the TikTok video, and the actress said that going back to what childhood once was like would be better and healthier for children.

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“I think that the idea of childhood was invented as a way to just get parents to spend a lot of money on shit that kids don’t [need],” Fox said. “It’s not really teaching your kid anything, you just end up raising a kid that’s like helpless and doesn’t know what to do.”

She even went on to say that her toddler would much rather help his mother with housework than play with his toys.

“I suggest everyone buy their kid a little mini mop, a mini broom, and start teaching them those life skills really young,” Julia proposed. “So that when they enter the real world, they don’t have to outsource for everything, and they know how to do things for themselves.”

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Comments on the video were a mixed bag of responses, from those parents joking that their kids worked from the day they were born to those sharing their own legitimate experiences.

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One person commented, “all Mexican kids have little brooms and mops 😂 I loved mine lol”

“When my son was born the first outfit I gave him was nurses scrubs and he’s worked full time in the hospital ever since,” joked another.

Another poked fun at Fox, saying, “we love a capitalist class labour relations conscious queen 👸🏼 Marx and Engels could never”

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It does appear that the model and actress was referencing the Montessori method of raising children, based on this interaction in the comments. It just fell a little flat in the video.