3-Year-Old Sneaks Her Pet Into School In A Sippy Cup And Goes Viral

We’ve all had “bring something to share” day at school when we were kids. Maybe you brought a stuffed animal or a book you loved.

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A 3-year-old named Peyton brought a fish to school. But it wasn’t to share. And it was totally on the sly.

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Peyton hid her pet beta fish in a sippy cup and snuck it into her preschool. Her relative Connor Hughes told the story.

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Basically, Peyton only got caught because she forgot she had put the fish in her sippy cup and drank the fish water!

Buzzfeed spoke with Peyton’s mom, Lauren, to find out what possessed her child to bring a fish to school in a cup. Lauren explained how Peyton’s fish, named Mermaid, was adopted in October after a trip to Petco: “Picking out the right one was a huge decision for her and, after a long 15 minutes, she finally made her choice.”

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Lauren said she was shocked to hear that her daughter had snuck Mermaid into school.

“I was absolutely not prepared to pick up the phone and hear, ‘Mrs. Scanlan, did you happen to know that Peyton brought her Beta fish to school today in her sippy cup?!’ I just replied with, ‘Um, no Ms. Cheryl, I did NOT know that she smuggled her fish this morning in her sippy cup.'”

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Lauren said she was in shock and mortified, but she and the program director couldn’t help but crack up. “I did ask, ‘Please tell me something like this has happened before at the school.'” And her reply was, ‘No, this is a first for our school!'”

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But Lauren couldn’t be that upset with her daughter’s antics.

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“I couldn’t even be mad at her. I opened the sippy cup lid and saw that she even put fish food in the cup! She was a good and responsible pet owner — pretty impressive for a 3-year-old to fill her cup with water, scoop her fish out of the tank, put it in the sippy cup, add food, close the lid, and put it in her backpack…all within a max of two minutes while I ran upstairs to get her clothes. She is truly wise beyond her years,” she said.

Featured Image: Twitter