30 Parents Share the Creepiest Stuff Their Kids Have Said And Done…So Far

If there’s one thing the Internet has taught me, it’s that children are creepy little weirdos. They see and hear things we can not, or at least imagine they’re seeing and hearing things they can’t yet tell are imaginary. Sometimes that can be very whimsical! But mostly, it’s freaky af, and parents can’t help but be affected by their child’s apparent connection to the dark realm.

Author Barlow Adams illustrated exactly how unnerving children can be when he shared this little convo he had with his nine-year-old about the “Lullaby Lady,” who was invading their nightmares.

When Adams asked for a bit for information on who exactly the Lullaby Lady is, his kid said she has no skin on her hands and stands next to the bed humming while you sleep.

Naturally, Adams was ready to move out of their house right away, possibly burning it down for safe measure.

Some of the responses to the tweet were just like “oh no,” but far more fo them were other parents who had their children describe cursed monsters and phantoms lurking around the family home, too:

I may be most disturbed by this person who claims they also know the Lullaby Lady, saying that a priest had to come to the house to get rid of her. THAT is VERY creepy:

The last thing we want is to have these ghosts verified by a panel of non-consecutive children.

To get my mind off the possibility that the Lullaby Lady exists and will soon be humming in my bedroom, I let myself get creeped out by all the other stories of creepy children. I hope they also make you feel so scared in general you can’t be scared about a specific skinless woman anymore: