Chrissy Teigen Is Facing Online Harassment After Losing Her Baby

chrissy teigen

Internet maven Chrissy Teigen has always been open about her pregnancy struggles. She conceived her first two children, Luna, 4, and Miles, 2, using IVF—however, Teigen and her husband John Legend were shocked over the summer to learn that they had conceived naturally, shortly after she had undergone breast implant removal.

Sadly, Teigen’s pregnancy came to a tragic end this week. After being hospitalized for nonstop bleeding due to a weak placenta—like “if you turned a faucet on to low and just left it there,” as she relayed in an Instagram story—their baby boy was born prematurely, and sadly did not survive.

“To our Jack, I’m so sorry that the first few moments of your life were met with so many complications, that we couldn’t give you the home you needed to survive,” Teigen wrote in an emotional letter posted to social media. We will always love you. Thank you to everyone who has been sending us positive energy, thoughts, and prayers. We feel all of your love and truly appreciate you.”

Losing a child halfway into a pregnancy in an unfathomable thing for a woman to go through. And on top of everything else Teigen is dealing with online bullies and trolls who are attempting to shame how she’s chosen to grieve her child.

Even more disgusting, nonsense QAnon believers came out in full force to accuse Teigen of “sacrificing” her baby.

Thankfully, Teigen has plenty of support on her side, as well.

“I am so sorry angel momma,” wrote actress Selma Blair. “I am so sorry. This grief. This grief. It will hold you and the love will break through. I am so sorry. Your family. You. Love you. My deepest sympathies.”

“We are so deeply sorry and sending you guys all our love, strength, support, light and mañana,” commented Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. “No more words.”

“I’m so deeply sorry for your immeasurable loss,” added her friend, Busy Philips. “In awe of your bravery and selflessness in sharing as you have, which is going to help so many women and families. Sending you and your family all the love and light while you grieve.”

Our hearts are likewise with Teigen and her family during this difficult time.