Woman Asks If It’s Ok To Mock Her Pregnant Friend’s Baby Name Choice

Choosing a baby name is a very personal thing that holds a lot of meaning to a child’s parents. But what if it sucks?

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One woman asked Reddit if she was the asshole for mocking the name her friend chose for her unborn son. She writes:

"For context, this girl has been trying to decide a name for the past 7 months and she is the type of person who will name their kids “makeighleigh” or “jeydeyn” (she has personally expressed liking to names of that sort to me in the past), hence as to why I was very intrigued to hear what her final decision would be as she is a very, lets say, eccentric and naive midwestern girl. She told me that she has decided to name her son “BLAC” as in the color, but without the K since she said her son is white. I stared at her and asked her to say his full name as her last name is Greene, she did and i was like, are you serious? She said the “Blac Greene” is intentional, I kid you not, this girl is naming her child Blac Greene."
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Obviously, the friend was a little confused on the name choice and asked the meaning behind Blac Greene. The friend like how it’s unique and that no other child would have that name.

The friend laughed out loud and told the mom-to-be that her child’s name was “the most ridiculous name I’ve ever heard.”

"I was dumbfounded and laughed out loud then told her that it was the most ridiculous name I’ve ever heard; the name blac itself for a white kid might also be viewed weirdly and that if she liked black so much perhaps she could name her child something less bullying-prone like “midnight” or something. I get the whole wanting to sound cool thing, i once knew a little girl called called Storm Hypelite (spelling vaguely changed for privacy) and that, I guess, is a cool name. She got angry at me and called me an asshole for making her feel stupid and “being a hater”. I feel kinda bad now. Did I go too far?"

The pregnant friend got mad and called her an asshole for being a hater and making her feel like she was stupid. Now the friend wants to know if she’s gone too far and asked Reddit to weigh in.

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Here’s what people had to say:


“NTA. She’s in for a rude awakening if she sticks with this name. Is it racist to name a white boy “BLAC(k)”? I don’t know. Does she want to have that conversation (and doom her child to that conversation) every day of their damn lives? Probably not, yet here we are.” – missmistryl


“Oh my gosh. Can you imagine a teacher saying ‘Black, get over here!’ Or, ‘Black, stop that.'” – Sage__Fox


“Indigo has a nicer ring to it.” – Quetzacoatyl77

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“I’m really not a fan of people who choose names for which their child will have to live with the consequences. I was teased throughout school for what my first name could be rhymed with. I am just envisioning a bunch of nasty white bullies who will give little Blac the n-word for a nickname. That’s just the first thing that popped into my head after a couple minutes. First alternative to your friend’s truly awful choice I came up with was Ebon. It is synonymous with the word black and sounds unique.” – shechi


“Noir is black in French. It seems a little less silly and kinda sounds like Nora or noor (which is a male name.) If she wants to do it convince her to do it in a different language. My last names a color but one most people don’t think of cause it has other meanings but thank god I wasn’t named blue.” – liltittybigcitybitch

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“It’s not racist, it’s just a stupid name that sounds like it’s intending it.” – ernstahlhelm


“My nephew’s middle name is J, not Jay, just J. He’s 12 now and I still roll my eyes at my sister’s choices” – apathetichic

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“Poor kid, just introducing himself is going to be a nightmare.

Kid: ‘hi, I’m Blac.’

Anyone he ever says that to: ‘hi, I…um…'” – Crafty_hooker

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“people are gonna think she’s a fan of blac chyna or whatever that one kardashian hanger-on is called’ – adotfree


“NTA: it always amuses me when people who can’t stand criticism give names to their children that will provoke bullying.

I mean they have thin skin, they know they hate feeling called out, and yet they choose to give their child a name that will ensure bullying for their whole damn life.

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Until the kid comes of age and changes it.” – books2246


“My cousin just named her kid Paris Franz.” – AmIBeingPunkd


“These people get pissed off because they’re naming the kid so other people will be impressed with them. They don’t think about what happens to the kid. So dissing the name is a diss on THEM, really. Diss their younique made up name and you’re dissing their taste.

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If I name my kid “John” it’s not the most original name, but it says nothing about me really other than that I want my kid to appear inoffensive and conventional.” – SexyBootlicker


“When I was thinking of baby names I asked my bffs and cousins to come up with any potential bullying things they could think of. The kid already has to deal with a last name that can be very easily turned into a derogatory female slur so I knew her first name had to be as bullyproof as possible” – imSOsalty

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“NTA. That name is a tragedeigh.” – Iamanamalgam


“NTA. Poor child. She obs should have gone for a green-centric name like “Forrest Greene” or “Chartreuse Greene” or even Fern, Olive, or Kelly. /s” – chatondedanger


“Winter Greene…that’s the one. He’ll be fresh.” – niptate

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“NTA, she right that no one has the name Blac because no one is stupid enough to name their kid Blac” – Acceptable-Message59


“She shouldn’t be surprised when he starts telling people that it’s pronounced Blake. I taught school for two decades. To this day, I’m convinced that naming children is the most subtle form of child abuse.” – D-Wayne-Harbison


“NTA. You could have been more subtle about your reaction, but honestly that might have just been an involuntary response to such a ridiculous name.” – sherlockismypimp

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“I once worked in an office. One of the clients had the last name of Trout. Her twins were Brooke and Rainbow. Forty some-odd years later, I still laugh at those names. This is not what I would want for my kid.” – TopaztheBigBoss

You can read the entire post here.