“Anti-Vaxxer” Mom Gets Called Out By Nurse Who Says She Vaccinated Her Child

A nurse called out a supposedly “anti-vaxxer” mom on Facebook for lying about not getting her son vaccinated, and you absolutely love to see it.

The mom in question, for some bewildering reason, decided to post on her personal Facebook that she not only refused to let her small child’s nurse give him a booster shot at his check-up, but that the nurse agreed with her decision.

“Took [my son] in for his 5 year checkup today and when the nurse came in to give him a vaccine booster I told her why I’d decided to decline it and explained that it was my right to do so!” she wrote. “She actually thanked me for taking a stand and told me how much it pains her to have to give vaccines to uninformed families who don’t know they have a right to decline!”

Mom went a step further, adding that she explained the situation to her son on the drive home, and “he thanked me for watching over him and keeping him safe and healthy.”


If that had been the end of the story, it still would have been completely unbelievable. It sounds like a poorly written, cheesy ad for anti-vaxxers, imagining a world where health professionals and vulnerable children are as outspoken against life-saving vaccines as white suburban moms radicalized through misleading Facebook ads and Jenny McCarthy interviews.

But it actually got even better. 

Mom apparently forgot that she’s actually friends with her son’s nurse on Facebook, and when the nurse saw the post, she had a couple things to say.

“Believe it or not it’s completely legal for me to publicly state that I absolutely did not say that and for the record neither did you,” the nurse chimed in. “It’s also not a HIPAA violation for me to say that I gave your son a shiny sticker at the end of the appointment for being brave, so people who read this post can take what they will from that.”


The Facebook post was shared to reddit by u/beerbellybegone, and left everyone who read it rather baffled.

“So you want to be seen as an anti-vaxxer, while actually vaccinating your kids? I mean it’s better than them not being vaccinated but I don’t get why you would do that…” reads the top comment.

“What’s crazy about these antivaxxers is that most of them are actually vaccinated & fine,” another user pointed out.

But a third focused instead on the inevitable conclusion of this riveting saga:

“I think I’d have to find a new doctor,” u/Kr155 wrote. “I just don’t think I’d be able to show my face after being so thoroughly taken apart.”