Redditor Deemed An A-hole After Sharing Gender Reveal Party Plans

It’s entirely possible that there has literally never been a gender reveal party that was worth the effort, pain, or colossal damage it caused. This modern tradition is a bafflingly unnecessary extra step in the lead-up to birth that most of us only seem to hear about when something has gone terribly wrong.

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A Reddit post at the end of last year concerned a woman who was planning a technically far less catastrophic gender reveal party than too many people these days, but it was still one that got her labeled an “a-hole” by a near-unanimous vote.

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The woman in question, who used a throwaway account for her post, shared that she is a 22-year-old woman pregnant with her second child.

“I didn’t do a gender reveal with my first so I want to do it with my second,” she wrote. 

The problem? Her niece’s birthday.

“Last week, I got my appointment for when we find out my babies [sic] gender. It falls on the same day as my niece’s birthday/dinner,” she wrote. “I don’t want to wait.”

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She came up with a plan to do a nice, simple cake reveal, but her impatience means she plans on throwing a separate party of her own at the same time as her sister is holding a small birthday dinner for her one-year-old. 

“When my sister found out, she was pissed and said I should just wait for the next day but I don’t see why she should have rights over that specific day. She said our family would have to choose where to go but I don’t get why that’s bothering her,” the mom claimed.

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She also added that her sister wasn’t open to their mother’s idea of having a birthday dinner for the existing daughter and having the cake be for the gender reveal.

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The birthday girl’s dad apparently also got involved, sending a “sob story” about how much they had missed as their daughter’s entire first year on this planet had taken place during the pandemic, and they just wanted to have a small dinner to commemorate a milestone.

The original poster felt no sympathy, insisting it’s also been difficult for her to be pregnant and have a three-year-old during this time, calling her sister “ridiculous” for the entire situation.

There was very little sympathy for her “plight” on Reddit.

“OP is so self centered that she can’t even delay the gender reveal by one day, she totally would be upset if the roles were reversed and sister was trying to plan something on OP’s kid’s birthday,” Sensitive_Raccoon_07 wrote.

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Lots of people pointed out that gender reveals really don’t matter to anyone but immediate family, and she could just as easily record a video and post it online — especially considering we’re still in the middle of a pandemic.

“I wish the whole gender reveal thing would go away, it is attention seeking in general I feel,” lamented RUfqingkiddingme.

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The original poster never hopped back in to defend herself or say what she decided to do, but several hoped she didn’t “antagonize [her] own sister and cause a rift in the family” just for a “ridiculous” gender reveal party.

“The only justification is ‘I want,’” one user wrote. “There are other things and people that matter in life.”