Guy Who Believes The Zombie Apocalypse Will Value Toxic Masculinity Gets Ratio’d


Toxic masculinity” is something that affects people of all genders. It’s the idea that there is a strict definition of masculinity, one that reveres aggression and competitiveness while shunning the expression of emotions or enjoyment of anything deemed “feminine” as a weakness. 

These are ideas that many people are working to dismantle in society, for the benefit of everyone, but some just can’t let them go.

One man on Twitter decided to take this whole thing to a horror movie hypothetical in an attempt to prove that toxic masculinity is somehow a positive, and it’s not going too well for him.

“When the zombie apocalypse comes, women will be looking for strong men for protection and to secure resources,” Nick Buckley wrote. “The term ‘toxic masculinity’ will be a phrase of the past.”

Some of the problems with toxic masculinity are apparent directly through this tweet. The suggestion that women have to rely on “strong men” to survive in an apocalyptic scenario is truly laughable. Has this guy ever seen Resident Evil? The Walking Dead? Met a woman?

Buckley’s replies were filled with women ready to set him straight about their skill sets.

And others were just as eager to point out that just men can be physically strong and capable of providing for others without taking it to a place of toxicity.

All in all, Buckley’s scenario just didn’t hold any weight, and dunking on him was too easy.

Maybe Buckley can come up with another fictional scenario in which toxic masculinity will be useful instead of detrimental to everybody. But instead, maybe he should spend some time reading up on what it actually is and realizing that men being vegan or going to therapy or listening to Taylor Swift isn’t some catastrophic occurrence only an apocalypse can “fix.”