‘I Just Don’t Go Out’—Zac Efron Reveals His Struggles With Agoraphobia


Zac Efron is the kind of famous that gets you stopped in the street and talked to. It can be overwhelming for anyone, much less someone who is struggling with agoraphobia.

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Agoraphobia, according to the Mayo Clinic, is “a type of anxiety disorder in which you fear and avoid places or situations that might cause you to panic and make you feel trapped, helpless, or embarrassed.”

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Zac explained in an interview with Men’s Health that he doesn’t go out. “I just don’t go out,” he said. “People in large groups, it triggers my agoraphobia.”

He shared a few other things with the media this week as well; he told Men’s Health that getting his “look” for the 2017 Baywatch reboot movie led to a “pretty bad depression”.

“Something about that experience burned me out,” he said. “I had a really hard time re-centering. Ultimately, they chalked it up to taking way too many diuretics for way too long, and it messed something up.”

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Zac also shared that the look was not particularly “attainable.” He elaborated, “There’s just too little water in the skin. Like, it’s fake; it looks CGI’d. And that required Lasix, powerful diuretics, to achieve. So I don’t need to do that. I much prefer to have an extra, you know, 2 to 3 percent body fat.”

He then talked about the viral pics of him last year that led to copious plastic surgery speculation, explaining he had shattered his jaw after slipping in his house. Don’t run with socks on, folks.

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Through the interview, we also learn that Efron is no longer vegan, an effort inspired by his Down to Earth cohost Darin Alien. After two years, Efron says he felt depleted and wondered if he could just eat everything again. That also didn’t last, but he’s on a more balanced, protein-heavy diet. “Morally, of course, I still wish I was vegan,” he said to his interviewer.

Written by Kate Hackett

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