Women Are Sharing The Weirdest Fetish Requests They Turned Down


There’s nothing wrong with being a little kinky in the bedroom. Spicing things up a bit is always fun, unless, of course, it starts to get weird. From being a little into feet to getting off to balloon sitting, the scale of fetish weirdness is a vast one.

Thankfully, the women of the internet are sharing stories about the weirdest fetish requests they’ve had the pleasure of saying “oh, HELLL no” to.

We’ve rounded up top 18 weirdest fetish requests that the women of Reddit had to turn down for your scrolling pleasure.

1. Just a little bathroom break strangle

“I had a good friend from work ask me to strangle her in the girl’s bathroom until she passed out, she “promised to come back to life”. Said it was one of her fantasies to get strangled by a co-worker. I said no.” –MidnightFireHuntress

2. Oh, that’s just not right

“A Japanese guy asked me, Korean, to role-play being a comfort woman.” –Jinro_f

3. Would food-baby belly work?

“He wanted me to stop taking birth control so he could make me pregnant. Not because he wanted a kid, he just wanted me to be visibly pregnant because he was so turned on by pregnant women.” –alrezin

4. You wouldn’t or you couldn’t?

“Do a hand stand. Just say you wanna see my t*ts, don’t make me do gymnastics for that.” –Beautiful_Fee9168

5. Him baby

“Change his diaper. Dude was in his 50s. Not my thing.”  –Semi_Nerdy_Girl

6. It’s harder than you’d think

“My ex had a fetish for balloons and wanted me to bounce on one until it popped.” –joohan29

7. The ol’ cat-job

“Having my ex-boyfriend watch me through the phone when giving him a BJ, using a Final Fantasy, cat ear filter on me. Like wtf?” –Flummifine_

8. He probably deserved it

“I had some guy literally ask me to punch the absolute sh*t out of his chest. Like he literally liked to be hit….hard. That’s a no for me, I’m not trying to MMA some dude, mid f*ck.” –MoreLeading5742

9. But, like, was his dad hot though?

“I once had a guy ask if I could f*ck his dad while he listened from another room. I thought he was joking and I laughed in his face. Like, big guffawing laughs. He was not joking.” –Wankeritis

10. Dinner and a foot rub, I don’t see the problem

“I had a date pick up my foot and start rubbing it… in the restaurant, without consent, and complimented me on my ‘elegant arches.’ I noped out of there pretty quickly.” –corazon769