“What’s The Worst Christmas Gift You’ve Ever Gotten?”—20 Replies

worst christmas gift

It’s (almost) the most wonderful time of the year. And yes, the holiday season is about spending time with family and friends, but most importantly, it’s about the gifts. People are making their lists and checking them twice in an attempt to find the perfect items for their loved ones. Unfortunately, they don’t always get it right, which can lead to some pretty epic stories.

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In a recent Reddit thread, users are dishing about the worst Christmas gift they’ve ever gotten.

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Of course, the conversation quickly went viral. And more and more people started sharing the silliest, most disappointing, or inappropriate gifts they’ve gotten over the years.

Here are 20 of the best responses.

1. Baby’s got backpack

My husband’s stepmother gave me, a 36 year old at the time, a kindergarten size back pack and when I opened it she said, “I actually bought that for ——- (a child) a few years ago and she hated it so I threw it in a closet and I saw it and thought you’d like it. None of us did, we all think it’s ugly.”


2. Clothes

My mom got all 3 of my brothers a kindle for Christmas and I got some clothes from old navy.

I was livid and when I talked to my mom about it she told me that my sister and I had been excluding our brothers from hanging out while we played video games and it was unfair.

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3. A dishtowel

I was 8 years old.


4. Car crash kit

One that stands out was a car crash kit. It had a disposable camera for recording the scene, a form for both parties to fill out, a tape measure for measuring… I dunno stuff and some chalk, for what I assume was for marking out where the dead bodies landed, or something, I dunno.


5. Used magazine and DVD

So he goes into the other room and comes back with two wrapped gifts. I noticed some of the paper was messed up like it had been rewrapped but didn’t think much of it at the moment.

I carefully unwrapped the first package.

It was an MMA magazine. That had clearly been read.

I was…confused.

Trying to move on, I politely thanked him, set the magazine down, and refocused on the next gift.

I could tell it was a DVD from the shape of the package.

And indeed, it was a DVD. A Forrest Gump DVD. With the cellophane wrapper missing.

Now don’t get me wrong, Forrest Gump is a solid choice. Except, I already owned a Forrest Gump DVD. And now here I was suddenly the proud owner of a second copy that appeared used.

I again thanked him and sat there quietly, trying to wrap my head around how he could have arrived at the conclusion that a used magazine on a topic I didn’t like and a secondhand DVD of something I already owned would make for good Christmas gifts.

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6. Suitcase

When I was 10 years old my grandparents gave me an unwrapped suitcase for Christmas. In the interests of convenience, they used that suitcase for the wrapped presents for my sisters.


7. Blender

The year I gave my ex husband a Tag Heuer watch he gave me a $19.99 Walmart blender. We already had 3 blenders.


8. Toothbrush

Grandma got me a dollar store electric toothbrush. Y’all know that thing didn’t even turn on.

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9. Comics

A comic book that was laying around the house for several months which I read twice in this period. I didn’t know it was supposed to be my surprise present.


10. Lamborghini…calendar

A Lamborghini calender. My brother got a guitar and an amp. My two sisters got a bike each. F–k I hate Lamborghinis now


11. Yarn

My mom asked what my 13-year-old daughter wanted for Christmas and I said, “she likes to sew.” How this led to our entire extended family buying her nothing but yarn I do not know. That was 2 years ago and there’s still so much yarn.

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12. Another DVD

Titanic DVD, pirated copy, already seen it before twice, didn’t have a case, just had Titanic written in marker pen, it didn’t belong to the person who gifted it, the DVD was SCRATCHED AND DIDN’T EVEN PLAY!


13. Smokes

A pack of cigs and a roll of trash bags. I don’t smoke.


14. Goodwill goodies

My great grandma gave my cousin a jock strap from goodwill. Her mental health was bad at this time. 1992ish? He started crying. He was 9.

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15. Reading material

Eons ago I worked for a company owned by the richest man in Minnesota. One year, all of us peons (and there were a couple thousand of us) got a copy of his book; it was al about how he became the richest man in Minnesota.

Cheap bastard.


16. Ice Age 2: The Meltdown

My sister’s father. I wanted Pokemon sapphire or ruby so bad for Christmas it was the only thing I asked for. A few days before Christmas he came home with a GBA cartridge wrapped in wrapping paper and set it on one of the Christmas tree branches. He said “you can’t open it until Christmas” excitedly so my 3rd-grade brain assumed he had gotten what I asked for.

Christmas day comes and I open it immediately to see Ice Age 2: The Meltdown staring at me. It was the first time I faked liking a present.


17. Stolen fragrances

Cheap cologne (I don’t wear cologne) that I suspect was shoplifted.

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18. Quaker Oats

A barrel of Quaker Oats. It was f–king hilarious though.


19. Tissues

My grandpa was planning on giving me a tissue box with money in it (still not sure why)

Anyway, he wrapped the wrong box and I opened a box of tissues on Christmas morning.


20. Starbucks…

A Starbucks gift card with a $0 balance and a gallon size ziplock bag of coffee straws. The straws are at least useful, the gift card was just mean.