Women Share What They Would Do In A World Without Men For 24 Hours


It’s a hypothetical that has been posed many times before: What would women do if men were not around for a single day? The answers are always similar, showing that women would just do normal, everyday things that men get to take for granted, but which can be uncomfortable, if not dangerous, experiences for us.

Twitter user @wxixp shared comments from a TikTok in which the question was asked yet again, and the results stayed the same.

“Wear an actual bathing suit and go to the beach,” wrote one user. “Be confident on social media,” said another.

Many were variations on @amira_shiwraj’s comment that she would simply “walk alone in the city and just breathe.”

@wxixp did not originate the TikTok video in question, nor did she write the replies, but her mentions were soon filled with dudes who were more upset by women expressing that they would feel safer without them around than questioning why that is or trying to help change it by holding their fellow bros accountable.

But there were also a lot of people chiming in to explain that if so many women are afraid to do everyday things because there might be men around who are creeps, it’s not a collective hallucination — there’s a serious problem.

And this tweet comparing what women say they would do if men were gone for a day to what men say they would do if women were gone for the day is truly eye-opening:

If men don’t have to imagine up a whole world missing one gender in order to feel safe walking around at night, but women do, maybe, just maybe, there’s something that needs to change.