Women Who Like Women Share What They Look For In A Woman (20 Posts)

women who like women

If you’re female and you’re old enough to read, chances are that you’ve already been exposed to some sort of list or roundup or article in a women’s magazine about “What Men Really Want In A Woman.” Magazines geared towards women and girls have, for decades, published articles like this to appeal to virtually every age group that’s old enough to think about what the opposite sex might find attractive about them.

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In the ’90s, a lot of guys said they enjoyed “quirks” such as “glasses” and “platform shoes,” whereas men of the aughts have occasionally gone on record to say they enjoy “good table manners,” “no tattoos,” and “no religious affiliations.” The heart wants what it wants. Or something.

Anyway, all this heteronormative dating claptrap can really drown out anything that isn’t based entirely on satisfying the male gaze. And you can, as it turns out, have some interest in the male gaze while also taking quite an active interest in the female gaze (and the enby gaze, too, as it happens). When a Redditor posed the question:

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“Women who like women, what do you look for in a woman?”

There were tons of women ready to dish. We’ve got you covered: read on for the 20 best answers.

1. A best friend I can fall in love with

“I just want to fall in love with my best friend and have the feelings returned”

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2. Healthy communication skills (and healthy other things too)

“A girl who expresses herself healthily and uplifts me. Nice thighs don’t hurt either.”


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3. An extrovert

“I am the introvert that needs to be adopted by an extrovert, so a girl who is either super talkative that I can lovingly listen to all the time, or someone equally comfortable with silence.”


4. An introvert

“At this point I’m only looking for someone comfortable with silence ☺️ Have a great day and good luck”

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5. A gamer

“A gamer. Surprisingly hard to find one where we’re interested in each other :’)”

“As I once heard, ‘The reason you can’t find a Gamer GF is because she’s not out there, she is at home gaming'”

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6. A terrible (read: delightful) sense of humor

“Someone with a truck load of so-bad-they’re-good jokes”


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7. A [email protected]$$

“I love me a scary lady. Hard-asses are my weakness lol”


“I like the kind of woman that could kill me without trying 🥺👉👈”


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8. Enjoys being spoiled

“Someone cute. I really like people who take affection well and likes to be spoiled a little”


9. Well-prepared for the zombie apocalypse

“The ability to build a wooden shack with her bare hands, a desire to befriend wild bears and a talent when it comes to axe-throwing.”

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10. Gives good hugs

“Someone who treats me well and gives good hugs”


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11. Common interests

“A woman who has a genuine and vested interest in me, who has similar interests/things in common.”


12. Boobs

“Giant gazongas are also a plus.”

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“”Honestly same.



13. Likes me back

“A girl who likes me back”

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14. Can (and will) share clothes

“Someone about the same size as me, so if the relationship works out our wardrobes double.”


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15. Assertive

“Assertive kind and hawt”


16. Enjoys *my* terrible (read: delightful) sense of humor

“One who can stand my puns”

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17. Tolerates a certain amount of stupidity

“A girl that can stand my dumbass”


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18. Capable

“Someone capable. My partner can grow tomatoes from seed, hang a shelf and build a bicycle. She’s practical in ways that I’m not. It’s nice knowing that she doesn’t need me around to look after her, I’m around because she wants me. She’s also a really good, considerate driver and there’s something very hot about that.”


19. Fat-bottomed girls, you make the rockin’ world go ’round

“Funny, nerdy, smells good, strong features, intelligent, if she’s a lil chunky then all the better.”

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“words right outta my mouth. i kinda prefer chubby gals”


20. Passes the vibe check

“Soft lips and someone I naturally vibe with. Someone who’s romantic and not sex-obsessed (too many fuckgirls these days). Someone kind.”

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“Someone I can vibe with at all times, good personality and sense of humor.”