Women Are Revealing The Things They Thought Were Stupid—Until They Tried Them (21 Stories)

User u/fredyouareaturtle asked the r/AskWomen community on Reddit:

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“What was something you thought was stupid at first, but you tried it and eventually realized you were wrong?”

The answers were great — some were insightful and helpful and I’m definitely going to try them, others made me smile. Enjoy!

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1. Exercise

Exercise to help depression. It absolutely isn’t a cure, but it does help a lot more than I thought it would.


2. Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets. I sleep SO well under mine.


3. Romance Novels

Romance novels. I always thought they would be corny and not worth reading. Turns out, even when they’re corny.. I enjoy them lol. It’s a fun escape.

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4. Water

Drinking plain water.


5. Bidets

Using a bidet – life-changing!


6. A Bidet + Menstrual Cup Combo!

Bidet + menstrual cup have made that fifth of the month a time like any other where before it was uncomfortable, sticky and (to me) smelly, and just in general not a good time. Can’t recommend both of those things enough, they’re great.

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7. Fancy Coffee

This is a decade old but expensive coffee. When the whole coffee revolution happened I did not understand spending £3 on coffee and thought people were just being snobs. Then I tried it and I was like “OK, there’s something to this proper, fancy coffee.”


8. Quitting Socials

I took a “temporary” break last July and here I am a year later without any desire whatsoever to reactive my Instagram/Facebook. I know Reddit is considered social media, but the big differentiator for me is that I don’t share my personal identity on Reddit and therefore no longer feel pressured to share big life events or pictures from trips to feel relevant in my social circles. I feel so much less anxiety because of it too, and my close friends have adapted to my hiatus and still keep me in the loop via text if something big happens.


9. Yoga

Yoga. I used to think it was weird and faddish when I was in my 20s and early 30s, now I love it. I’m not terribly good at it but I have improved my posture, flexibility, and balance tremendously by having practiced for 4 years.

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10. Expensive clothes

More expensive clothes. Partly because I grew up poor and partly because I just never even had the opportunity to feel the difference, but sometimes a more expensive brand is actually better quality. Now I’m not out here getting $4000 coats from Burberry (although I’m sure they are lovely) but I will for example go for Levi’s over Target brand jeans. I used to think that was so dumb like how can you spend $100+ on jeans? But they do feel better quality and last. Same for shoes, over the past few years I have been buying less fast fashion and more expensive but durable pieces. I get it now.


11. E-readers

Using an e-reader. I still do prefer a physical book if I have the choice because book smell and texture, but an e-reader is so much easier to transport, make notes or look up words, they save space and money, etc.


12. Tidy Home

Having a tidy home, pretty much always.

I always thought I didn’t really care and it couldn’t be worth the effort, but I’m so much more relaxed when I’m not living inside a to-do list and everything has it’s own space etc (and yes, it really is less work overal).

To be totally honest though, getting diagnosed an treated for ADHD did minimise the effort needed by A LOT.

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13. Feeling Attractive

Spending time and effort on my appearance. I was raised very religiously where women existed to be modest but attractive at the same time. Trying to figure out the impossible balance of being attractive but not too attractive as an awkward kid just made me quit trying and to look down on all girls/women who put effort into their appearance.

Eventually I got out of that culture and realized how shitty that attitude was and finally understood that putting effort into my appearance was self-care and made me feel much better about myself.


14. Not Giving a F

I feel like I had the opposite revelation. Growing up girls caked on makeup and did their hair every single day. I wouldn’t dare leave the house without makeup and my no makeup look definitely consisted of makeup. I felt hideous bare faced and although I still love makeup, having fun with eye looks and playing with it, I finally learned and appreciated how I look bare faced and how freeing it is to go out in public with a natural face and natural hair texture.


15. Meditate

Meditation. I thought it was only like a placebo thing but boy I was wrong. Meditation really did help me in processing my emotions and thoughts. I encourage everyone to do it at least 10minutes a day

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16. Modern Music

“Modern music”. I’d just listen to classic rock and older bands/musicians and thought that the newer music we have today had no soul, was shallow/boring and whatever. When I actually started to dig around a little and give it a chance, I found plenty of bands/musicians that are amazing. No more “born in the wrong generation” crap from me!


17. Leggings as pants

I changed my mind when leggings started being made with pockets, and those pockets were on the sides of the thighs, which have been more optimal & usable than pockets at the waist


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18. Fanny Packs

Fanny packs.

I thought it looked so dumb, whether it was worn seriously or for some weird hipster reasons. But then I realized it would actually be pretty convenient to keep poop bags and my phone and keys while walking the dog, better than pockets since a lot of my clothes in summer don’t have pockets, and better than a purse that swings around when you lean over to pick up dog poop.

I now have a collection of dumb fanny packs for different dog walking occasions and give zero fucks. Hands free convenience.


19. Gaming

Video games. I always saw my brother gaming and thought myself what a waste of time. He bought Horizon Zero Dawn, I tried it once and immediately got hooked. Now I absolutely love video games 🙂


20. Investing

Investing in my 401k. I’m just starting out with finances and not making a ton, plus I’m in school. I have some small debts to pay, so I didn’t think putting extra money aside was necessary until I paid everything off. I’m only 24, was that one of the smartest things I’ve done so far.

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21. BDSM

Being choked during sex…. I didn’t get it, tried it, now I get it!


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