Women Are Sharing Things That Ruin A Movie For Them

Watching movies is one of the great American pastimes. Snuggle up on the couch with some popcorn and friends and scroll through Netflix. What kind of movie do you want to watch? Read the captions, look at reviews online, and have a discussion about what things will totally the experience. Too much violence? Pass. Too much gratuitous sex? Pass. Directed by a sexual predator? Pass.

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On Reddit, women are sharing the things that break a movie for them — and filmmakers might want to listen.

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1. Sound Mixing Issues

“Too quiet dialogues and too loud action scenes. I want the sound balanced.” — Linorelai

2. Cringey Dialogue

“Cringe dialogue reminiscent of fanfiction.” — piggynorant

3. Gratuitous Violence

“Gratuitous violence, esp. sexual, in a genre not specifically built for it.” — VanthGuide

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4. Sex

“Sex scenes.” — Riin183

5. Age Gaps Between Leading Characters

“Age gaps. Once you realize all of the leading men have 10-25 years on their female counterparts, it ruins the magic.” — zoeyjax

6. Strip Club Conversations

“As soon as the main characters decide they need to have their super serious conversations in a strip club I turn it off. And yes, this is super common.” — OrangeyPanda

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7. Graphic Sexual Violence

“Graphic scenes of rape and/or sexual abuse. Gratuitous female nudity. I really liked the movie The Revenant until the graphic rape scene came on. I felt trapped in the movie theatre. I’m Canadian (and I have Native American ancestry) so I understand the issues women faced back then as far as being raped by colonizers but it was so graphic.” — -moon-child–

8. Unrealistic Gun Use

“I’ve been handling guns since childhood, so endless clips/magazines are pretty high on the list.” — GimmeTwoEmmylou

9. Aggressive Men

“When a man becomes physically aggressive with a woman and that leads to sex. Hollywood, stop that crap. It sends a horrible message that violence turns women on. For most of us, it absolutely does NOT!” — Petitels

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10. Harm To Animals

“Any harm or implied harm to animals.” — Gooncookies

11. When The Leads Get Together

“When the female/male leads fight all movie and then get together or kiss at the end. I f*cking hate it. We just watched Jungle Cruise and I was fuming the whole time, thinking, ‘If they kiss, I’m gonna be so mad.’ No spoilers but there were a lot of things at the end of that movie in particular absolutely ruined it for me.” — fireflybabe

12. Marriage Plot

“When the ending is getting married and having children.” — whisperbells

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13. The Director

“The director being a child abuser/rapist.” — thanarealnobody

14. Too Much Exposition

“Over explaining everything like I’m a stupid person. Don’t underestimate your audience (yes, Nolan, I’m talking about you and Tenet).” — Prompt-Timely

15. Musicals

“Musicals. A lot of them are cringe.”

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16. Birth Scenes

“Birth scenes – ugh – never realistic, always starts with the water breaking then immediately crazy contractions, screaming and barely making it to the hospital— it’s almost never like that.” — jocietimes

17. Poor Communication

“Fights that didn’t need to happen(were a result of miscommunication) that only serve to make the final romantic moment, more romantic.” — Mella_20

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