Women Share The Stupidest Things They’re Expected To Do Because They’re Women

Women are asked to do a lot, and this Reddit thread backs up the claim. In the r/AskWomen subreddit, user thermostatgasket asked:

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“What is the stupidest thing you were expected to do because you are a woman?”

Now, anyone who identifies as a woman could come up with a list that takes longer to read than the infrastructure bill. How many school-age girls are asked to cover up their shoulders in an academic year? In an office environment, how many administrative duties — like taking notes, cleaning the office, managing lunch orders — are put onto the women employees?

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Yep, there are many ways sexism is embedded in our culture — and we don’t even know it because we are so used to how things are done. This is known as “unconscious bias” and it’s involved in all the instances the Redditors list below. Conscious bias is also well represented in this list, too.

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1. Reproduce

Want kids.


2. Be the secretary

Always be the note-taker in meetings. Didn’t matter level of seniority or who called the meeting. It was just assumed since I was the woman I would take on that role – always.


3. Be overqualified

Pushed to fulfill 150% of the qualifications for a promotion, while some of my male colleagues were only half qualified but got the job, no biggie.

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4. Managing men’s emotions

Always relieving the tension in bad situations caused by men

Managing men’s emotions and outbursts

Being able to take care of the “feminine” chores in the household

Wearing heels at any formal event


5. Walk on eggshells

I love the irony that women are accused of being emotional and irrational, but I’ve seen so many men throw complete tantrums or have angry emotional outbursts. ..but somehow the women are expected to tiptoe around as not to anger them.


6. Wear heels

In my previous office job, we were requested to use heels to look “professional” for clients (mind you I never even saw clients in person).

I once bought this precious and elegant dress shoes that had a little bit of square heels, but looked more like mens dress shoes. They were more elegant and formal than many of the guy’s shoes in there, but I was given a warning as the heels were not “high enough” and was told to not bring those again.

Needless to say, I don’t work there anymore.

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7. Being second

Being listed second on the checking account I was adding him to. MY main account!!


8. Assign chores

Had a coworker ask me if I had made a list of chores for my boyfriend at home… I told him that my boyfriend knows how and when to clean.


9. Schedule meetings

I am a woman managing an office with 2 male employees and 1 female. While they know I am the boss (helped out by being considerably older than them), the two male employees have asked the female employee to set up meetings for them. Mind you, they are all peers! When I heard that, I took each of those guys aside and told them they are NEVER to do that again and I told the female employee NEVER to agree to that.

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10. Make coffee

Make the coffee in the office


11. Be a moderating influence

Be an “appeasing presence” at work so that “things can go smoother between the rest of the staff” (all male) That ended poorly.


12. Cook for coworkers

(Male) boss wanted me to cook for the (entirely male) staff. It was a desk job. Walked out.

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13. Do dishes

My brothers new gf came to a family dinner and my grandmother, mother and aunt were upset she didn’t offer to help with dishes. They never would expect my male partners to help. I said right to them that she was our guest and I’ve never seen my brother offer to help with dishes. Their attitude changed after that.


14. Feed people

Being the one to bring cookies and cake to the office


15. Be Siri

The emotional labor expectations are what really get me. My husband would ask me to remind him to do things. I finally told him he had a reminder app on his phone so use it? Next up will be talking with him about how he is also responsible for learning about our daughter’s development, not just me.

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16. Smile



17. Take someone else’s name

Take my husband’s last name. Almost no one even asked if I was planning to do it, they just assumed and immediately starting calling me Mrs HisLastName. I have corrected certain people multiple times and yet they still call me it, it feels intentional at this point. When in actuality, we each kept our own names and once we have kids they’ll have a combined last name.


18. Educate strangers

Literally last night a man at a grocery store kept bothering me because “you must know where the chili ingredients are, you’re a woman!”

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19. Shave

I’ve gotta say shaving


20. Learn things they know

I’m in the military. I had a civilian male coworker who believed that I didn’t know anything about military vehicles and would constantly make comments that he was going to “teach” me how to drive a Humvee, Bradley, etc. He wasn’t even in the military, and yet he believed he knew more than me about my own job.


You can view the entire post here.

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Lead image: Wikimedia Commons