Women Are Sharing The Small Pleasures That Make Them Happier Than They Should (20 Posts)

The AskWomen community on Reddit can be full of some truly wonderful questions. When I stumbled on u/v8mustang1969‘s question asking the gang:

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“What are some small pleasures that make you way happier than they should?”

I knew I would be in for a treat. Did not disappoint, 10/10 would read again. Please enjoy some *squee!*worthy ideas.

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1. Seasons shift

Going for a walk outside in the early morning before anyone else is up. Preferably when it’s fall and the air is crisp and brisk and the leaves are beautiful.


2. Porch coffee

I’ve been sitting out my porch with a cup of coffee most mornings before everyone is awake and it is just the best thing.


3. A.M. Walks

I did this today! My dog loved it, and it was far cooler than the normal time she’s walked.

I woke up at 6 a.m. today, instead of noon. That walk was longer, quieter, and far better than any from recent memory. I also got soooo much done.

Having said all that, I absolutely prefer the crisp fall mornings as well. Just something about the smell, the chill, the ambiance that Mother Nature provides is just beautiful.

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4. Fresh Sheets

Crawling into a fresh bed after showering and shaving your legs. The best.


5. Yawmeows.

My cat meowing while yawning (happens all the time but it’s soooo cute haha)


6. A good poo

A good poop is the best feeling.

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7. Swings

I swung on a swing yesterday like I was a kid again and man, did it ever make me smile like crazy.


8. Cold Water

Drinking cold water…feels like heaven ngl.


9. Girl, YES.

Taking my bra off at the end of the day.

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10. Drunk Girls

Those drunk girls hyping you up in bathrooms. I’m surprised that’s what I miss the most about going out to bars and clubs.


11. Cool beer

A very cold beer on a very hot day, or after cleaning the whole house.


12. Snow

I still love running outside when it’s snowing out to catch snowflakes on my tongue.

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13. Pure freedom

Being able to come and go as I please at any hour of the day or night. — Want to run to the office to get an early start at 2:00 a.m.? I do it, and I don’t have to explain anything to anyone.

Deciding on a whim to go get on my boat. — Good weather? Hell, yeah. I’m going. Day or night. Grab a cooler full of cold drinks, drive to the marina, jump on my boat, and go wherever I want for as long as I want. Ask a friend or friends to join me? Hell, yeah. I can take anyone I want and don’t have to answer to anyone. Go alone? Hell, yeah. I’ll go by myself and stay gone for 16 hours – go where I want – and don’t have to come back until I want to.

I’m 60 years old. I never experienced these types of freedoms until I was in my 50s, after my husband died. I don’t take them for granted.


14. Tea Time

I look forward to my tea time every day. Every day around 15:30-16:00 I take a break from work for my black tea, and eat some sweet baked goods. It makes a world of difference to have something you really enjoy as a daily routine.


15. Heavy rains

Heavy rain. The type that makes the rooms dark and gloomy. Especially when I don’t have to go anywhere and can play video games all day or read.

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16. A perfect list

Scented candles, hot chocolate on a cold weather, good home-cooked meals, good fruits.


17. Long walks

Long walks with music and cool winds.


18. Inner child

Being barefoot in the grass. It makes me feel like a child again.

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Being approached by animals and having them personally request pats and scratches from you. Congratulations – you are THE CHOSEN!!


20. Purrrrfect

At the end of the day, I get into the very middle of my bed, tuck myself in, cat jumps up to his spot next to me, and I just sit there for a few minutes savoring the feeling of coziness. I always end up cracking this big smile because in that moment everything pauses and feels perfect.


Written by Kate Hackett

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