Women Share The Most Ridiculous Thing Their Partner Asked Them To Change About Themselves

All relationships require some kind of compromise—but if your partner tells you to change something fundamental about yourself, run for the hills.

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On Reddit, women are sharing the most ridiculous things their partner asked them to change about themselves.

I’m not talking about adjusting a behavior, like please wash these dishes instead of hiding them in the oven. These partners weren’t happy with pretty basic stuff: change your ears, change your height, change the chemical composition of your brain. Red flags all around!

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1. Get Off Antidepressants

“The number of men that ask me to come off antidepressants because ‘don’t I make you happy enough without the pills.’ Lord give me patience.” — PandaConspiracy4000

2. You’re Too Nice

“‘You’re too nice, you need to stop that.’ Said every time I gave money or food to a panhandler or charity, any time I expressed compassion for someone who wasn’t him, and especially when we were watching George W Bush’s invasion of Iraq and I was horrified at all the Iraqi people dying.” — insertcaffeine

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3. Lose Weight

‘My college boyfriend said I could ‘stand to lose a few.’ I wish he could see me now..I am so much fatter lol. No but really I looked great and he was a dweeb.’ — yournationaltreasure

4. Be Shorter

“He wanted me to be shorter. I’m 5’1. He literally wanted me to hunch my shoulders and only wear f*cking flats all the time. He was 5’3 and insecure lmaoooo.” — gator–wave

5. Don’t Wear Makeup

“Him: You shouldn’t wear makeup. Me: Why, whats the problem? Lots of women wear makeup. Him: My mom doesn’t.” — sof-i-a

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6. Don’t Get Tattoos

“I got a tattoo of a keyhole on my chest above my heart and dude flipped out about it and cried. HE CRIED. I don’t even remember why he was crying, he really didn’t like the fact that I put more ink on myself…I just remember thinking holy sh*t this dude is f*cking crazy. Spoiler alert: He was actually f*cking crazy. Eventually had to testify against him in court because he had child porn on his computer and was secretly recording his neighbor’s underage daughter. I found it all and went straight to the goddamn police.” — aMAEzingly

7. More Your Period

“My former spouse asked me to move my period because it fell on his three day weekend and he refused to have sex with me when I was ‘broken’ so that was a real bummer for him. I suggested that he ask one of the other guys to swap with him but he wouldn’t even ask and I suspect it’s because he knew noone liked him enough.” — tooterfish80

8. Don’t Be Romanian

“It wasn’t a long term thing, we had been dating for a few months at the time. He didn’t ask me to change specifically but he was upset when he found out I was born in Romania. I was adopted by an American family when I was two and have lived in the US for the vast majority of my life. I barely remember anything about Romania. He told me I was basically a ‘Turkish rape baby’ and that he couldn’t see himself with someone like me because I wasn’t actually white. So he broke up with me. It was pretty shocking, I had no idea he had this massively racist side to him. He did me a favor.” — Admirable-Candy3294

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9. Gauge Your Ears

“I had a partner ask me to gauge my ears so that I could ‘fit his aesthetic more.’ Safe to say that relationship was short lived. LMAO.” — Bubblegum_B-tch

10. Get Bigger Boobs

“He wanted me to get bigger boobs. I’m happy with my B cup thank you asshole. I dumped his ass.” — Egyptianqueen123

11. Don’t Say Sorry All The Time

“An ex asked me to stop saying sorry all the time. I’m sorry, but I’m Canadian and I cannot help it.” — ParallelPerson8790

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12. Don’t Get More Tattoos Than Me

“To not have more tattoos than him at any point. So when I wanted my second and he only had the one, he expected me to wait until he got a second tattoo first. I’m guessing it had something to with his weird hang up on masculinity. I didn’t listen and got my second while we were dating. He didn’t say or do anything about it.” — Shallow-ishPuddle

13. Don’t Dye Your Hair

“I dye my hair a lot, this is something I’ve always taken pride in and I LOVE my hair. My ex, on the other hand told me I wouldn’t meet his parents until I got rid of the crazy colors. I never met the parents.” — Clementinecutie13

14. Why Did You Date A Jewish Guy

“My past. He was appalled to find out an ex of mine was Jewish.” — PeacefulTofu

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15. Don’t Cry

“He didn’t want me to cry. Ever. ‘The women in my family would never cry unless their arm was being sawed off at the time.’ Twenty some years later I realized he should have married his sister.” — sqqueen

16. Get Rid Of Your Pets

“He wanted me to get rid of my pets, if I was reeeeaaally good though, he could be okay with me keeping my dog. Nope! Got rid of him instead.” — Aouwi

17. Be More Agreeable

“Asked me to be more ‘agreeable’ and not discuss feminist issues in his presence. This winner also told me I needed to lose about 40 pounds because women shouldn’t weigh more than 120. For context, I’m 5’9″ and at the time was wearing a size 6. I noped out of that relationship pretty quick.” — lost_throwaway_3326

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