Women Are Sharing Their Comfort TV Shows Just In Time For A Cozy Fall

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Over on AskWomen, u/xxbitsx asked a simple question of women:

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“What is your comfort tv show, and why?”

I’ll admit that my mind spun as I tried to figure out what show I can slap on and feel cozy watching for the 100th time. I’ve seen The Sopranos and Breaking Bad more than five times each, but is that… comforting?

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I mean. Yes. But… I’m a weirdo, I guess.

Anyway — here are some of the best answers!

1. The Office

I know this is a very typical answer, but The Office is just so easy throw on and watch a few episodes or have on in the background while im doing a little work

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2. Brooklyn 99

I’m fine, The doctor said my bleeding was internal, that’s where the blood is supposed to be

id_crisis1010 /swim_and_sleep

3. Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is like soup for my soul. A thousand yellow daisies for you all!


4. The Last Airbender

Avatar: the last Airbender 😛 just gives me nostalgia and life lessons.

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5. The Good Place

No matter how many times I watch that show, it always has me sobbing by the end.


6. Parks & Recreation

I’ve seen them so many times that I know every joke and what’s going to happen. So if I’m feeling vulnerable and there’s a sad bit coming up, I can skip through it. I can sleep while theyre on and still know where I’m up to when I wake up… basically just because they’re warm, familiar, there’s no surprises and I don’t really have to pay attention.


7. 30 Rock

Admittedly 30 Rock is a little more high energy in terms of the jokes per minute but it’s another show I know very well that is guaranteed to cheer me up.

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8. Schitt’s Creek

Best wishes, warmest regards.


9. New Girl

Early New Girl episodes capture the carefree optimism and indie vibe of the early 2010s very well. I miss those days.


10. Community

I just finished Community for the first time. It was very calming for me. Might start watching it again.

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11. Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers definitely. Especially the episodes where there’s no complex plot and they’re just doing family stuff. Also Linda’s singing.


12. What We Do In The Shadows

What We Do in the Shadows, goofy and dark, so comforting.


13. Scrubs

No show has a right to hit as hard as those Brendan Fraser episodes.

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14. Golden Girls

Golden Girls. It’s funny and brings back good memories of when I was kid and would watch reruns with my mom.


15. Futurama

Futurama, brings back Saturdays nights memory when I was watching it with the homies.


16. Great British Bake Off

The British Baking Show… their accents are so soothing especially when you’ve had a bad day… lol

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17. Call the Midwife

Call the Midwife. Great, feminist show based in 1950/60s London.


18. Seinfeld

Seinfeld is my absolute favorite show. I still laugh out loud watching episodes I’ve seen 50 times.


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