Women Share The Wildest Reasons They Were Called A “Slut” (20 Stories)

We are currently living in Lady Gaga’s world and women are STILL being called “slut” as an insult. It is 2021 and it is well established that being a slut is cool.

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Yet, a select few individuals still think it’s a sick burn.

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Recently, Redditor Unlicky_charms92 posted in the subreddit r/AskWomen what was one of the dumbest reasons female users were called a “slut.”

Naturally, there were plenty of responses, as “slut” sometimes feels like it is synonymous with “living human woman.” Meaning, there is a good chance that 100 percent of living human women have been called a slut in their lives.

But this thread isn’t about being called a slut. It’s about the most asinine reason for being called a slut.

Can women just exist? Like, for real for real.

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Anyway, here are 20 of the wildest reasons.

1. Saying no

Refusing to have sex with someone.


2. Saying no… again

Yes! I briefly dated someone in 9th grade for the first time ever, and when I didn’t want to sleep with him two weeks into dating (Uhm hello, I was 14), he broke up with me and told the whole school it was because I cheated and I’m a dirty slut.

I still kinda cringe when I think about it.

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3. Going on birth control

Because I went on birth control. The person was my father.


4. Boobs

Having boobs


5. For many, many reasons

1. For telling a guy I don’t want to give him my number

2. For telling a guy in high school I won’t give him a blow job under the stairs

3. For declining sex

4. For not dirty dancing with a guy in a bar

5. For talking about how I enjoy sex

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6. Saying no… yet again

The only times in my life I have been called a slut were for rejecting shitty men’s sexual advances.


7. OK, this is getting old

Saying no to a date


8. Existing

Simply being a girl and existing.

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9. Black = slut

Wanting to buy a black bra.


10. HUH?

For being a virgin… work that one out.


11. For wearing clothes

Wearing shorts when it’s 40° outside

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12. Tampons also = slut

Using tampons instead of pads 🙄


13. For wearing clothes Pt. 2

Wearing a tank top. Outside. In the summer.


14. For one reason and then the opposite reason

For having sex once. The reverse also happened to me & another person told me that no one will marry me because I’m too inexperienced.

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15. That’s not her body part, bruh

I made him cum too fast. He called me a slut and left… without even getting me off.


16. Just waiting

Waiting in line for a live show. Was just stood there and boom. We were called sluts. And worse.


17. Dads are somethin else, aren’t they?

Being friends with girls who have boyfriends.

Thanks dad

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18. Avoiding getting drugged

Not accepting a drink from a random drunk dude in a bar


19. Wanting to cheer

I was 7 years old and wanted to be a cheerleader.


20. Not wanting to break up a marriage

Not wanting to meet up with an old friend and have sex with him (he was married, I was recently divorced). I was apparently a “dirty slut” for saying that I don’t mess with married men.

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You can read the entire post here.

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