Women Share The B.S. They Put Up With In Past Relationships That They’d Never Tolerate Now

11. Sexual coercion

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“Being used as a human fleshlight. Being guilted into sex that is awkward and often painful. Having to grit my teeth to get through sex. Sustaining injuries to my vagina because my past partners would just ram it in. Thinking not being in pain meant the sex was good.”



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“Ugh same I thought sex was just supposed to hurt for a long time. I always said no and then we’d get into a huge fight so I’d just give up and do it anyways. And there was no foreplay or anything and he criticized the way I did everything.”



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12. Yelling and verbal abuse

“Yelling during an argument”



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And swearing/ name calling!! He would call me horrible names and justify it by saying I had upset him so he’s allowed to react in whatever way ????”



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13. Anger management issues

“This! A million times this! Also related: throwing things around/punching walls. No, we are adults. We don’t raise our voices or destroy things like a child succumbing to a temper tantrum. Yuck.”



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14. Smoking

“Honestly, I would never date a tobacco smoker again. Triggered my asthma and was on daily medicine for years after we broke up.”



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15. Alcoholism

“…using alcohol as excuse for shitty behavior/actions and playing the victim card.”

— r3ntboi


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16. “Negging,” or spiteful, mean-spirited “teasing”

“Belittling, mocking, teasing from a place of spite rather than sweet playfulness.”



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“Insults thinly veiled as light-hearted ribbing. ‘Jokes’ about how one day I’ll wake up with blonde hair and fake boobs. Just constant digs (i.e. reminders) about how I’m not REALLY his type.”



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17. Infidelity

“Cheating. I have tolerated it in relationships and stayed in that relationship for awhile hoping for change. It never came. Im mad at my younger self thinking I deserved it or I would lose a gem of a man if I didnt forget about it. Men who cheat aren’t gems-they are selfish and immature. I’m happily married now and hopefully dont have to worry about that ever again.”



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18. Being unsupportive

“Not 100% supporting my career.”


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19. Sexual inadequacy or incompatibility

“Not having my orgasms prioritized lol. I went from not expecting them to lying about them because I felt pressured to have them to asking to have them and finally doing things that make sex all the more worth having”



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“Not… not giving me sexual/romantic attention. I tried to be patient due to mental health issues etc., but once months start to go by and it becomes a pattern, it’s not worth it. Rather just be single.”



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20. Listening to long complaints about their exes and/or their romantic history

“Listening to them talk about their long history with their exes. I used to be sympathetic and try to listen and hoping that I will heal them and make them love me the way they loved them but now? I’m checking the time because they are wasting my time talking about some girl I don’t know. If they’re with me, then I don’t want to hear about how Erica broke your heart.”



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If you feel like you got a little bit older and wiser just reading that list, you’re not alone. We hope no one ever puts up with any of that, ever again.