Women Share The Stuff They Would Have Gotten Away With If They Were Men (17 Posts)

Unfortunately, today there is still very much a double standard when it comes to women’s and men’s behaviors. What is often seen as totally acceptable behavior for men is seen as unacceptable for women. From being assertive to dressing too casually to being sexually open and beyond, women on Reddit are sharing the things they would have gotten away with if they were men.

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1. Not Wearing Makeup

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“One time I got called out by a former employer for not wearing makeup. She told me I needed to wear makeup for the clients or she wouldn’t let me work. Wtf. It was an ice cream shop and I was making $8/hr. I didn’t come back the next day. ” — SuchJess

2. Questioning Things Too Much

“My boss told me I ‘question things too much.’ I have repeatedly given ideas or called out problems, get told ‘yeah well we can’t because…’ Then 6 months to a year later my older male colleague says the same thing or comes to the same conclusion and it’s suddenly a Very Important Great Idea.” — SuitableLeather

3. Bluntness

“Being too ‘blunt.'” —randombrowser42

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4. Going To The Bar

“Wanting to go to the bar just as often as my partner does. It’s meant to be a given in society that he can just rock up there for a beer whenever without judgement. If I did that even half as often as he did, I would be side eyed and people muttering wondering why I don’t want to just be at home with the kids. I know this because my cousin and his wife like to go to the bar and the wife is spoken about alarmingly often. No sh*t spoken about my cousin though.” — saturnbands182

5. Explaining Something

“Confidently saying I know something to be true. Damnit I know what I’m talking about! You wouldn’t have questioned a confident man!” — Tribes10

6. Not Having Kids

“Not having kids yet (I’m 29). I don’t want kids. If I were a man people wouldn’t ask me about this so frequently. Leave me alone.” — joycesayshi

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7. Not Being Polite

“Not being ‘nice enough.'” — whatrpeople·19h

8. Being Emotional

“Being emotional and as a result, not being heard fully or even dismissed. If I were a guy, I’d simply be passionate or confident and then people would shut up & listen. It’s literally the same words with ‘feeling’ coming from a human body yet elicit a very different outcome, seemingly based on gender alone.” — SqueeksapottomusREX

9. Not Changing Your Last Name

“Not wanting to change your last name when you get married. I was told it indicated a lack of commitment. When I asked him if he would change his, he said no because he was the guy.” — cherrywinetime

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10. Being Sexual

“Having sex with gasp more than one person!” — amewreckindream

11. Avoiding Small Talk

“Not doing small talk or fake pleasantries with people I don’t get along with.” — MostlyALurkerBefore

12. Playing Video Games

“Playing video games all day. Growing up it was okay for my brother to do that but if I did my mom always had something to say about it. But if I watched TV or read a book (and before you justify that one I was not reading high brow lit or nonfiction), that was fine!” — crazynekosama

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13. Being “Career Driven”

“My ex boyfriend broke up with me for ‘being too career driven’ best thing to ever happen to me. I’m now making 6 figures after a year of hard work and he’s still doing nothing with his life.” — SuchJess

14. Being Political

“Being outspoken on politics.” — eggofreddo

15. Not Doing Chores

“Not doing household chores, I have a brother and a sister, Me and my sister have been repeatedly called out for not doing chores since we ‘don’t have anything better to do with our time,’ but my brother doesn’t.” — PseudeosAnisopter

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16. SMILE!

“Not smiling more.” — frusciantefango

17. Dressing Casually At Work

“I had reconstructive knee surgery and had to wear tennis shoes to work for about 2 months. My boss told me it looked unprofessional and I needed to wear dress shoes. I explained that I was recovering from knee reconstruction and was directed to wear tennis shoes. HR then informed me that I needed to wear dress flats. I had to get a doctor’s note from my Orthopedist. When I called and asked for it, his response was an exasperated “They know you just had knee reconstruction right? You need supportive shoes during recovery.” I told him yes and that I was required to get a note. He wrote me one that stated I was not to wear anything other than supportive shoes approved by him unit further notice. BTW – Same job, men wore crocs to work. Women were held to a higher professional standard.” — apostate456

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