Women Are Revealing Their Strange, Wholesome “Me Time” Activities And I’m Taking Notes (20 Posts)

Reddit user u/shamrocksynesthesia recently asked the ladies of Reddit:

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“What is your favorite ‘me time’ activity?”

As usual, the ladies of Reddit gave us some kickass responses!

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I have to say: I love this question. I love the IDEAS the women give! I can’t wait to try a few of these myself — which ones are you into?

1. Solo Stores

I honestly really enjoy going into stores by myself and doing some shopping or even just looking around. I also love reading!


2. Tub

Sitting in the bathtub scrolling on my phone.

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3. Home Alone

I’ll be the boring one to say pretty much all the time I’m home alone is me time. What makes it different is sometimes I’ll add music, or alcohol, or less clothes, or all of the above!🤣


4. Snacks + TV

Eating some spicy snacks while watching Doctor Who.


5. Hangin

Crochet, crisps and Netflix.

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6. Summer Sun

Listening to a podcast or audiobook as I lay on my bed with the summer sun streaming in from the windows by the bedside.


7. Bath + Beer

Hot bath with a relaxing playlist and a beer.


8. Sexual Pleasure


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9. Antsy vs Chill

If I’m feeling antsy, it’s going for a long walk by myself.

If I’m feeling like sitting, then it’s rewatching seasons 1-2 of Gossip Girl, season 1 of Pretty Little Liars, or any season of Sex and the City while also surfing the web or my phone.


10. Best Grandma.

I’m a 61 year old woman. I love fixing me a ginormous mango margarita, run a steamy hot bubble bath, hit my thc vape a few times and spend the next hour giggling about how absurd the word veterinarian sounds.


11. Personal Development

Reading, usually I try to get through a few books a month.

I also like to put my time into learning new things. Usually always have a language on the go, but I decided to start a random photography degree a few months ago too. That ones pushing me further than I thought it would, but the challenge is appreciated.

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12. Books

I like sitting in the grass (or better, at the beach) and reading with a huge iced tea lemonade and some fresh fruit.


13. Quiet in the Cemetary

I feel like I’m a bit morbid; but hear me out. Going to the cemetery. It’s quiet, lots of trees and we’ll kept lawn. Nobody judges you or bothers you.

I obviously had a very traumatic childhood lol. But even now I will drive to the cemetery I prefer (some are nicer than others) and get out and wonder around listening to my music, smoking reefer, and just being in the moment.

There’s something about being surrounded by people who’s stories have already ended, that makes one consider the importance of living a full life.


14. All Kinds of Stuff

Reading, binge watching a murder mystery or thriller type of show (Line of Duty or Unforgotten ftw!), watching comfort shows which I’ve watched a million times before, or singing along to nostalgic songs from my teens/twenties. Me Time rules.

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15. Sims!

Playing the sims when my husband is asleep, with a fully packed bong by my side.


16. Guilty Pleasures

Facial, pedicure while listening to some podcast about the real housewives or 90 day fiance lol The best.


17. To My Fans

Read books, eat snack, self care day, shower and have a concert, pretend I’m a YouTube and talk to my nonexistent fans while narrating my day. 🤩

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18. Games

Playing videogames or watching shows/movies with a glass of red wine or whiskey and some peanuts.


19. Dance!

Dancing and jamming to hot girl shit alone

Putting make up on and getting dolled up to go out while listening to hot girl shit

Going to muay thai classes while…. listening to hot girl shit on the radioooo


20. A Deep Clean

I really love putting on my favorite podcast, lighting some candles & incense, and doing a deep clean of the house. Spending time on my artistic craft and going to the gym are great for mental clarity & me time, but they are things I feel like I need to do to be my best self, and even though I love those things, sometimes I don’t love doing them.

There is something about saying “fuck you” to all the other shit I should be doing and just scrubbing the hell out of everything.


Written by Kate Hackett

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