Women Are Revealing What Instantly Makes A Guy Hot — And It’s Not What You Think

what makes a guy hot

When it comes to choosing a partner, it’s not all superficial. Yes, looks can help — but there are other aspects that instantly up your attractiveness.

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On Reddit, women are sharing what things they think instantly make a guy attractive for them.

And while there’s a lot of ladies out there who really like hands for some reason, there are also some who are focused on other things: kindness, quick thinking, intelligence — and a good relationship with Mom.

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1. Good Manners

“Manners. Speaking with kindness to people around you, bartender, waitress, valet.” — dollywooddude

2. Good Listeners

“Good listeners – not people who are just waiting for their turn to speak.” — thisismyB0OMstick

3. Quick Thinking

“Competence and ability in a pinch situation is definitely HOT. My husband is a mechanic and can fix anything. When emergencies come up, he takes care of them on the fly, and his manliness in taking care of us is super HOT. I’m always super attracted to him right afterwards.” — SeasonedTimeTraveler

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4. Voice

“Nice smile and eyes. Voice is also important too, it can affect my entire attraction to him.” — proncesshambarghers

5. Clever

“He’s funny. Not in a ‘prank’ way but in a clever word-play manner. He doesn’t have to like what I like, but he allows me to like it without being demeaning or belittling. I dated a guy a guy once who was very different physically from my type – but he was so damn hot because he was clever, funny and caring.” — bunniesandacat

6. Enthusiasm

“When he geeks about stuff or the future.” — keziah11

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7. Personality

“Personality, smile and their hands.” — itsjessielvr

8. A Sense Of Humor

“A sense of humor. Someone who makes me laugh.” — macaronsforeveryone

9. Genuine

“Someone who doesn’t think they need to be ‘cool.'” — a-happy-puffin

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10. Mature

“Emotional maturity.” — daniebop

11. Scrabble Skills?

“Username being a high-scoring opening word in scrabble.” — cazique

12. Smarts

“Intelligence, hands down, is sooo hot.” — mtn4444

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13. Doesn’t Talk Down To You

“When he talks about something that he’s knowledgeable and excited about without talking down on you for not knowing about it.” — AllDogsGoToReddit

14. Self Awareness

“Self awareness. Which translates into empathy for himself and others, kindness, honesty, deep conversations, A CALM ENERGY. Basically, a REAL nice genuine man not the ones who pretend to be nice guys just to get in your pants. Oh, and being a good dog dad or good dad in general.” — yewcant_seeme

15. Loves His Mom

“A man who actually loves and takes care of his mom. Added bonus if he’s an animal lover.” — iamahugeliarregret

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16. A Little Awkward

“Cute awkwardness that adds to their charm.” — CosmicEpisode

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