Women Share The Most Disappointing Reason They Had To End A Relationship (17 Stories)

It happens to us all — we’re in a relationship with someone and it’s just not working out. For whatever reason, it would be healthier to cut ties and move on. But sometimes, it’s really disappointing to have to break up.

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On Reddit, women are sharing the most disappointing reason they had to end a relationship.

Maybe the relationship started off really strong. Or maybe the chemistry was great. But somewhere along the way, your partner revealed something about themselves or did something that was an absolute deal-breaker.

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1. Not That Into You

“I realized that he just wanted someone and didn’t actually want me.” — SureLee45

2. “We Just Didn’t Click”

“We just didn’t click. He was a really nice guy, and we had a lot in common. He treated me really well. I wanted SO BADLY to make it work, but I knew I would string him along for nothing, so I had to end our relationship.” — eppydeservedbetter

3. “You Can Have Him, Alicia!”

“I went away to college, he stayed back home. I had to initiate all communication, and many nights he didn’t pick up his phone or call me back. I went home for a holiday and was invited to his grandfather’s home to celebrate – it was a gated community. Nobody opened the gate. I tried buzzing in and calling for an hour. I went home, celebrated with my family later that evening, and his new girlfriend sent me a Facebook message the next day to ask me to ‘stay away from her man.’ You can have him, Alicia!” — MadMads1122

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4. Didn’t Want To Take The Next Step

“7 years into the relationship he still didn’t want to take the next step (move in together) because his mom did everything. Only to find out a year after breaking up he has a new girlfriend who he hasn’t even been with for a year and they now live together.” — AngelHope715

5. Would Not Try New Things

“His unwillingness to try new things. Whenever I suggested we try new things, like go to a place we haven’t been at before or a new activity, he’d always refuse, he’d only do the familiar. We were confined to a few select things he was willing to do together. Then he started giving me the ‘We did that a 1000 times already’ argument, then the range of things we could do just went narrower and narrower until we did nothing together. In the end I didn’t even bother asking, I knew the answer would be ‘No’ so I called my friends to do it together instead, eventually I ended the relationship.” — Lara_0925

6. Narcissism

“My great grandma had just died not one week before I broke up with him because he wouldn’t stop asking what I would be doing if he was the one who died instead. He wanted me to say things that I couldn’t because I was grieving my grandma’s demise and all he could think about was himself. He wouldn’t even comfort me because he claimed that I didn’t care about him.” — midgetspinner23

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7. He Was A Pedophile

“I found out he was pedophile, because he messaged underaged girls in a sexual way and realized that I was groomed into the relationship. Yeah. That was pretty embarrassing for me.” — Fancyfgt

8. No Kids

“We worked extremely well together but he wanted kids and I don’t. Dealbreaker.” — Throwaway321Liftoff

9. Mental Health Issues

“He refused to get help for his lifelong depression.” — smallojplease

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10. Possessive

“He wouldn’t leave me alone for one evening. We were a very fresh couple back then. About two month, something like that. We meet everyday, texting or calling when we were apart. So after a while I wanted an evening for myself. Just me, my couch and video games and he started an argument with lines like: ‘You are my girlfriend! You HAVE TO want to see me.’ It was hilarious to me. I told him to f*ck off and never meet him again.” — BakSeth

11. Virginity

“He couldn’t get over the fact that I wasn’t a virgin and he was. He ‘had’ to marry a virgin. Of course he eventually did marry one, and then called me a month afterward, trying to cheat with me. I refused and never spoke to him again.” — HeatherReadsReddit

12. Anti-Vax

“Turns out he was antivax and also thought depression is just weakness.” — PsychologicalSoil198

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13. Work Schedules

“I’m a paramedic. She’s a nurse. Our work schedules were literally opposites and we saw each other maybe once a month and neither of us were willing to change jobs.” — onebardicinspiration

14. Lost His Temper

“During a minor disagreement – that I can’t even remember the reason for – he just completely lost his temper and started screaming at me about anything he could think of. It literally became a stream of consciousness at high volume, and when I tried to leave the situation he grabbed me by the wrist, got up in my face and said ‘I’ll remember this next time you ask me for anything you fluffing birch’ (not actual words) which again, made zero sense in the context AND was super scary. This was 4 months in and until this point it had been super fun and easy going (hence my disappointment). Made me realise I didn’t know him at all OR what he was capable of.” — Humdedummy

15. Got Caught Stealing

“He stole $2,000 worth of my things and blamed it on my brother. Found a pawn receipt in his wallet 6 months later. He was my best friend and we were together for over 2 years.” — lovelyyyrose1993

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16. Growing Apart

‘We grew apart after 4 years. A year of him being off at college taught me how much I grew to enjoy my time without him.” — zoeyjax

17. Love Bombing

“I felt like things were moving too quickly and no matter the number of times I flagged it with him, nothing really changed. Then one day he had a meltdown when I asked him he treated all girls the same way he treated me. He said yes he treats all girls that way and that he’s just ‘trying to be nice’… it didn’t sit right with me because it felt like I was being love bombed.” — yourface2064

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