Women Share The Cringey Things They Grew Out Of But Then Shamelessly Adopted Again


Everyone has a thing or two that they used to enjoy in their youth that they eventually found too lame to bare. What most of us didn’t bank on was eventually finding those things cringe-worthy pleasures enjoyable again in ripe adulthood, once again proving that everything in life is cyclical.

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The ladies of the internet are sharing their shameful return to the guilty pleasures of their youth in response to a question posed by Reddit user u/beanyboi030.

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“What’s something you grew out of because it was ‘cringey,’ then eventually looped back to shamelessly enjoying?”

The results will have you pulling out old mixed CDs for songs that you might like again or digging through old high school pictures of yourself for fashion advice.

1. It’s all about comfort now

“Leggings as pants.” –ThedaBarasBoobs

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2. “I’m not like other girls” … no, yeah I am

“Not liking pink because I was ‘different’ I love the color and it makes me feel soft.” –Uselessyesi

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3. Screamo alllll day

“Mid-2000s emo music.” –solipsists

4. Looking forward to it these days

“Going to bed early.” –siouxsie6

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5. They have ALL the bops

“Pop songs ala late 90s early aughts – Britney & Christina had some bangers.” –alwaysamensch

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6. Halloweentown is supreme

“Disney channel original movies from the mid 90s-early 2000s. Give me “Johnny Tsunami” or “Brink!” Instead of another superhero movie any time! 31 or not, I’ll still watch them over and over!” –Team_CoffeeWithCream

7. Did not realize she left but ok

“Taylor Swift. Came back around when Lover came out thankfully.” –ysoj

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8. Can no longer deny the greatness of the Twilight saga

“The Twilight movies and books.” –altered-ever

9. When I say I have big weekend plans..

“Puzzles. Give me 1000 pieces and I’ve happy for the next 2 weeks assembling and destroying it over and over again.” –lexilexi1901

10. Hopefully everyone came back around on this one

“Hugging my parents.” –Relative_Dimensions

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11. No guilt in these pleasures

“Enjoying main stream poppy music! My ex always put down my taste in music and said it was ‘bad.’ I was never allowed to listen to it when with him. Now I can blast Ariana Grande whenever I want!” –wandwish

12. Not sure I would say they’re “In” but yes comfort all day

“Socks with sandals and now it’s in. Apparently. Just comfy for me.” –Ok-Response-9743

13. But you can have a real life dog or cat

“Stuffed animals.” –EmilyGram12

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14. “Hot goth” is always cool

“Dressing goth/emo. I thought it was too cringe and childish for years. Then I got older and realized I love it and never judge others when they dress that way so who cares? I feel more me now than I did back when I forced myself to dress and style myself “normally” –girlathendoftheworld

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15. She’s not so bad after all.

“Beings friends with my mom.” –Courageous_Chameleon

Lead image: Unsplash/Pexels