Women Are Sharing The Chivalrous Acts They Actually Enjoy

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Dating can be complicated. And when it comes to acts of chivalry, women often have mixed feelings. There are some women who aren’t into their partners being overly chivalrous, and there are ones who absolutely adore it. The trick is to know the type of woman you’re trying to woo, and what she’s into. If you’re curious about the kinds of chivalrous acts women enjoy, then look no further.

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In a recent Reddit thread, women are offering a cheatsheet and discussing the chivalrous acts they actually enjoy.

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The women are answering the question: What acts of chivalry do you enjoy receiving? And responses include everything from having a date wait until you get inside before leaving to opening jars.

That said, here are 20 gestures of chivalry that women appreciate.

1. Just wait a little bit…

Waiting and making sure I get inside safely before leaving.


2. Offer warmth

Ppl are acting like it’s embarrassing or it makes you weak to receive acts of chivalry?? Personally I love it when my bf offers his sweatshirt when I’m cold or opens a door for me. Accepting kind acts like that does not make you weak or less independent!

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3. Carry heavy things

That’s all I want in life, someone to carry heavy sh-t.

I’ve got some health issues so I can’t carry much. Anyone that knows me and carries things for me makes me feel cared for because I won’t ask for help, but appreciate that they remember.


4. Those darn jars!

And opening jars for me haha.


5. Open car doors

My husband is a gentleman and displays chivalry in many ways. One of my favorites is that he always opens and closes my car door for me. He hasn’t missed once in over 15 years.

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6. Does kissing count?

Does hand kissing count? My date kissed my hand and it made me so happy.


7. Starting the car…

He starts my car for me in the mornings when it’s cold, and will plug it in at night for me if I forget.


8. Let her blow her nose!

Not a traditional chivalry thing, but my dad once told me “if a guy ever lets you blow your nose in his shirt because there aren’t any tissues around, he really loves you.” And I think that’s both hilarious and true. So I’m gonna go with that.

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9. Circle back

Modern chivalry – when people circle back to you because you were interrupted while talking.


10. General thoughfulness

Lol. “Chivalry?” General kindness or thoughtfulness from other people, men or women, I appreciate immensely.


11. Chores

Yesterday my husband had a holiday off but I didn’t. Throughout the day he: did all of our laundry, did the dishes, FOLDED the laundry, cleaned up the house, and prepped our lunch. Y’all, this sent me. It was so sweet and thoughtful and I really appreciated that he did all of that for us. I love when he does household tasks on his own just because he WANTS TO.

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12. Anything genuine

Anything that’s not fake and comes from the heart.


13. Take the trash out

Everyone is talking about jackets and doors and I’m over here thinking begrudgingly about the two bags of trash my newly single ass had to take to the dumpster. Having the trash taken out by someone else is highly underrated.


14. Offering a seat

Men offering their seat (I love seeing men offer their seats to the elderly).

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15. Shovel the snow

Shoveling the snow off my car and starting it for me…


16. Hydration is important

When we’re out and he’s having water, he’ll ask me first if i want it too, its just the sweetest thing ever and make me go all uwu.


17. Get things off the high shelf

He gets the crock pot off the top of the cabinets because I’m just about half an inch too short to get it down without dragging a chair over. It’s very manly. Makes me swoon.

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18. Check in

Texts if I got home safely or if I got somewhere alright.


19. Forehead kisses

Forehead kisses. It feels innocent.


20. Being protective

Honestly? Dudes telling creepy dudes to f-ck off. It makes me feel safe and seen as a person and a human. Like I can breathe.