Women Who Caught Their Partners Cheating Share How They Found Out (20 Stories)


Being cheated on is always an awful experience. After it happens, the person who was cheated on is often left hurt, broken-hearted, and may even start questioning their worth. It’s even worse when the cheating has been happening for a while.

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In a recent Reddit thread, women are getting vulnerable and sharing their stories of being cheated on. The discussion kicked off after someone asked the question:

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“Women who were cheated on, how did you find out?”

It didn’t take long for the thread to fill up as women across the world shared their experiences. The answers range from being told by the mistress to finding evidence on the cheater’s phone.

If your interest is piqued, here are 20 ways women found out they were being cheated on.

1. The other woman reached out

Other woman told me. He had told her that we were broken up. She found out we were not and reached out.

Very class act. I was super grateful and then ruined his week at bootcamp when I sent him a mean letter spritzed with perfume.

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2. Instincts

I acted like I already knew and he caved lol my gut never lies.


3. Accidental phone discovery

I was using my husbands phone to look up baby stuff ( my phone died, and I was 7 1/2 months pregnant at the time) when an explicit text message came through. It was from the downstairs neighbor. Fun times.


4. Someone is a braggart…

She called me to brag about banging my husband while I was out of town. She apparently got my number from his unlocked cell when he was in her bathroom, and called me after he left.

Side note: it was the same day I was trying to contact him to tell him we were having a baby, so that was extra fun.

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5. Email mishap

My ex husband was military, we were both 23, married for just over one year, dating for 4 years before getting married. He had a special email for whatever base he ended up stationed at, and when he changed stations, he had to get a new email with his new station in the email address itself, so he forwarded all of his personal emails from his old account to our joint, personal email. Well, he sent photographs of himself with several sex workers, other military members, and the dumba– emailed them directly to, me, his wife, who was stateside, who also immediately filed for divorce with all of the proof from him, thanks buddy.

Easiest divorce the judge ever signed. I wanted nothing and he got nothing from me, although he asked, “who gets the car?” “umm, me, the person whose name is on the title, and who paid for it with her first job after college”, which got a chuckle from the judge, as if he would’ve struck that silliness down regardless. The audacity.


6. He was on the news

I saw him on the news. Having a baby. First baby of my city of the new year.

Saw him on the news again last year. On trial for impregnating a 14 year old child.


7. It’s all in the gut

Pure intuition. Woke up with a gut feeling and went through his phone for the first time ever. Found out everything I needed to know.

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8. His butt

He accidentally buttdialed me while he was with her.


9. Facebook detective

Facebook searched a woman’s name that I saw in his phone weeks earlier, and her profile picture was of the two of them kissing.


10. He was working a lot more…

I was very suspicious of his behavior. We were trying to conceive and things got weird and stressful. Finally We had gotten pregnant! I was so excited!! Then all of a sudden he started getting lots of “mandatory overtime.” I got suspicious. Went through his phone. Turns out he was banging a girl from work. I called her from his phone. Told her I was pregnant then proceeded to smash his phone on the floor. He told me I was just paranoid and hormonal. Told me nothing happened they were just friends. So I forgive him because I didn’t want to raise a child alone or have an abortion. Fast forward til my child is a year old. The girl he cheated on me with hit me up on social media and decided to tell me every last detail about her falling in love with my partner and then planning a family together. Apparently he nutted in her and refused to buy a plan B. She told me she was still mad at him for not helping pay. She used me as her therapist as to why her relationship didn’t work with him- Even after all this he refused to talk about it and denied it all ever happening. I told him if he wouldn’t talk about it he could leave. It’s been just me and my tiny human for 5 years now.

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11. STD

An STD. No fun at all, 0/10 experience.


12. High school gossip

In high school, I went to the bathroom during biology and ran into a friend and another girl I didn’t know. Said hi to both and started chatting, but the girl I didn’t know got really awkward and left. I asked my friend what was up with her. Friend said “well she feels bad about the whole thing with (boyfriend’s name)”. I asked her what she meant and she said, “you know, when they hooked up last summer.” 


13. His daughter

His daughter told me while I was babysitting her. I was literally babysitting his kid so he could cheat on me.

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14. Facebook…again

I was scrolling through FB, his friend posted a video of him in bed with some girl. I knew he had cheated because he got a tattoo on his chest while we were together. It was visible in the video. When I asked about the video he claimed it was from before he met me. I pointed out the tattoo and suddenly I’m a “crazy b-tch”. Love that.


15. The boyfriend sent him flowers

His Boyfriend sent him flowers. I was 7 months pregnant with our daughter. I invited bf over for tea. He cried. He didnt know my husband was playing straight and married to a woman.

I left the flowers with the lovers note attached on the coffee table. My husband came home and asked me who sent the flowers. I told him to read the card.


16. Stronger together?

I was with my husband for 11 years. Her husband called me on FB messenger. I will never forget it. He said, “Our spouses are f–king each other. ” Then sent me all the proof I needed.

Turns out my spouse was sleeping with basically anyone. I stopped counting at 4 women. I didn’t care enough to investigate the 5th one.

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17. Say no to “bro code”

His best friend told me because he felt guilty that he knew. Best mate was the real MVP.


18. Walked right into it

This is going to be super boring lol but I knew where my boyfriend’s spare house key was and I went over because I had accidentally left my bracelet there, I shot him a text to let him know I was coming over, but I guess he didn’t see it because when I got there, unlocked the door, walked into his room, immediately the first thing I see is him having sex with someone else.


19. Multiple sources

He made out with someone at a club and went back to theirs. Immediately like four other people who were at the club that night told me. Like, within 12 hours I had multiple confirmed sources. Don’t cheat on your girl if you both live in the same small town and she’s more popular than you, idiot.

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20. MySpace #throwback

I was sent a MySpace message by the husband of my ex’s coworker. He messaged me that my ex husband had been cheating on me with his wife and at least one other woman. He wanted me to at least have the information so I could decide what to do. My ex husband had always tried to gaslight me but now I had some pretty solid outside proof. Anyway, ex husband left and we divorced and I remarried and lived happily ever after. I was pretty grateful to that guy who confirmed it all for me though.