Women Are Revealing Their Favorite Parts Of Having Sex With Someone (15 Posts)

Sex has lots of benefits, but not everyone has sex for the exact same reasons.

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On Reddit, women are specifying the best part of having sex with someone.

And there are both physical and emotional reasons (and practical — let’s not forget the snacks afterwards). Lots of folks appreciate the sense of vulnerability they feel when with a partner, some like the intimacy, and some like the cuddling that happens afterward. Oh! And don’t forget the orgasm!

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1. Intensity

“The body connection, the intensity/passion, seeing each other relatively vulnerable.” — iflssm97

2. Snacks

“Eating their snacks out the cabinet after.” — TooPunk

3. Vulnerability

“Disconnecting from my stressful life and allowing myself to be vulnerable in a safe space.” — silkylizard

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4. Cuddling

“For me it’s the cuddling afterwards.” — Dorlane

5. Emotional Connection

“The emotional and physical connection, the emotional connection being very important to me.” — Emptyplates

6. Orgasm

“Orgasm.” — BigConstantSighs

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7. Being Generous

“I love being generous and making someone’s day less shitty. I like being able to alleviate someone’s stress. I also like any opportunity to safely lean into my submissive side with someone.” — fightingfrenchcat

8. Feeling Someone On Top

“Feeling the weight of a man on top of me. It’s the best!” — SandKitten

9. Shutting Off Your Brain

“My brain shutting off for a little while.” — rainy_wednesday

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10. Foreplay

“Intimacy. Oxytocin. CUDDLING. Foreplay. Giggles. Damn, I need some.” — halloweenpasko

11. Being An Animal

“The animal side of it. You are not your usual rational controlled self and acting on instinct.” — Dreaunicorn

12. Getting Filled Up

“I’m going to get really, really specific. It’s that initial feeling of being filled. Feeling him sink into me, that instant connection and intimacy. I can recall those moments with certain partners at will, and every time it gets me. That first moment of intercourse is better than most of my orgasms.” — itsmyvoice

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13. Money

“The money.” — TeddyKisss

14. Trust

“After 28 years – the complete, effortless trust and acceptance. The comfort and contentment following it. The peaceful relaxation in drifting off to sleep together. Waking up at any time of the night to feel her soft, wam skin and her subtle scent as I breathe.” — SCP-3042-Euclid

15. Diversity

“I just really love finding out how different people have sex. Everyone moves just a little differently than anyone else, has their own little style, quirks, things they like to say, sounds they make. I love watching them and seeing the ingredients they throw into the pot.” — joey_darn

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