Women Are Barking—Yes, Barking—At Dudes Who Catcall Them

It can be difficult to know how to respond to men who make weird or inappropriate comments, particularly when they’re complete strangers. But some women have come up with an easy solution — just bark at them.

While undoubtedly not a new concept, considering women have had to come up with unique and jarring ways to deter men from unwanted advances literally forever, the internet has made it easier to see that this is something being done all over the place. And it allows women to share in the experience of, well, barking at men together.


they were screaming names at me as they walked away and then they came back in a car flipping me off and yelling later on

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And for those who don’t feel comfortable accessing their inner woof right off the bat, there are tutorials to help you get into the groove.


More cute pranks to do with the girls!!! This applies to any “man” that catcalls! B safe!

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Cute barks to do with the girls!!!

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Reply to @ur.sleep.paralyses.demon I couldn’t stop laughing💀 pretty decent bark #catcalling#bark

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Of course, the real world isn’t the only place where one encounters difficult men.

The internet has made it all too easy for guys to slide into DMs and be as gross as they want, often anonymously, and often without the possibility for any sort of repercussions, even ones as simple as looking like a total jerk in public. 

But that means the internet has also made it easy for women to respond in kind.


perfect way to make new friends ❤️

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Some ladies are even offering to go bark at men online on behalf of their peers. Community!

And honestly, why stop at barking at creepy men? Bark at everyone who goes out of their way to make people feel uncomfortable.

Overall, it’s a technique many women seem to agree should be something we carry forward into 2021 and beyond.