Woman Sells Breastmilk To Pay Off Debt And Says She Makes $10K A Month


A lot of people are struggling financially right now, and are constantly looking for new ways to make cash. But Alice Lovegood isn’t one of them anymore.

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Lovegood is now making over $10,000 per month by recording videos of herself pumping breastmilk.

Before starting her business, Lovegood and her partner were struggling to pay bills. The couple also had a massive debt of over £15,000 or $20,000, that they were working to pay off. Lovegood said she found herself working all the time, including weekends and holidays. But now, things are a lot better for the family.

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“Now I can put my kids into a good school if I choose to and I can spend quality time with them,” she told The Sun.

The content creator added that she knows her income stream isn’t traditional, and that some people may judge her but she’s proud of herself.

“I know some people think posting videos of my breastmilk is disgusting but it’s natural and I don’t care what people say. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved and I love the confidence it’s given me,” she explained.

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Lovegood also commented on her clients and their strange requests.

“People want to see me squirt the milk out of your boobs, drink my breast milk, and pump milk out of my boobs dressed like a cow,” she said.

As for the most bizarre request? Lovegood said it was definitely the follower who asked her to breastfeed him. The follower offered £100,000, which she called an “eye-watering sum,” but ultimately declined.

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It’s not all weird though, some of Lovegood’s fans are more into the ASMR aspect of the act.

“A lot of my followers say my content is actually quite wholesome! My fans sometimes just like the sound of pumping milk or the visual of me wearing a nursing bra.”

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The business also blossomed into more after Lovegood started getting requests to purchase her breast milk.

“At one point, I was open to selling my breastmilk for £300 ($403) for 100ml because I was getting so many requests for it. But with the pandemic, I decided it wasn’t safe.”

The mother-of-two wishes she could breastfeed forever and admitted she will be sad when she stops lactating.

“If I’m honest, I will be quite sad when I stop lactating milk because I love breastfeeding and I also love making these videos for my fans. But after my second baby, I produced milk for a whole year afterward after so I’m not thinking about that just yet and enjoying the moment!”