Woman Shares Story Of Confronting Creep Who Took A Picture Of Her Address On Her Dog’s Collar

Women have been going through a lot the past couple weeks, with gender-focused violence not only in headlines, but in conversations on and offline.

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The topic was prompted by the recent Sarah Everard case in London. Everard was walking alone at night around 9:30 and found dead many days later. Currently, a police officer is being charged with her murder.

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In the days since Everard’s disappearance, women have seen themselves in the 33-year-old marketer and they’re tired of living in fear.

Shey Greyson is one of those women. She was walking her dog in a park during the daytime and approached by a stranger.

The man asked if he could take a picture of her dog. Seems innocent enough, everyone loves dogs.

But Greyson told BuzzFeed the interaction wasn’t innocent at all. In fact, it was incredibly violating.

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“My dog was on a leash, it was daytime, and there were a lot of people around. With that in mind, I figured he had no malicious intentions, so I said yes,” she said. “As he was doing it, I noticed that his hand was holding her collar. That’s when I realized he was actually taking a picture of my address on the dog tag, not my dog.”

She instantly asked him to delete the videos and when he did, the man walked away fast. Knowing deleted images are saved in a “recently deleted” folder, Greyson went after the man and demanded to see the folder. The images were in there and she made him delete them all.

After the incident, Greyson took to TikTok to share her experience with others in two videos.

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Part 2! I just want to say: women should be allowed to walk outside free from fear & harm, day or night #fyp #safetyprotocol #womensafety #foryou

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One commenter couldn’t believe she had the bravery to confront him. Greyson said she felt comfortable doing so because there were a lot of people around and it was daytime.

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The interaction proves that women need to be on guard even in the most innocent-seeming situations.