Woman Says Fake Delivery Driver Attacked Her With A Taser After Stalking Her For Days

fake delivery driver

An Atlanta woman named Sabrina recently posted several videos in a single post on her Instagram page, with a caption that detailed a horrifying narrative of stalking and assault. Per various local news sources, the attack occurred on August 11 of this year.

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@sabrinawynn_ / Instagram
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Many of the video clips in the post feature a car driving slowly past her house, back and forth. Another clip shows someone lurking around her property, pretending to clean, but stopping when he thinks he’s not being observed, and openly casing the place. In the most upsetting video, a man pretending to be a florist’s delivery driver gets a large flower arrangement in a vase out of a van. According to Ms. Wynn, the man entered her apartment under the guise of delivering “really heavy” flowers. Once inside, he pulled out a taser and attacked her with it.

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“I somehow pulled the cords out,” Ms. Wynn explained in her caption—an act of self-preservation that left her bleeding from the stomach. “I ran upstairs to [get] the gun, and he walked out the house, got in his van [and] left like nothin happened.”

Sabrina Wynn says she woke up her two children and, despite not being able to find her keys, she got all three of them out of the home. They went down the street looking for help. Because she couldn’t find her keys, she left the door to her family residence unlocked and waited at a neighbor’s house for police to arrive.

“It took the police thirty minutes to come,” Ms. Wynn says. “I was panicking the whole time cuz I was bleeding from my stomach due to the [taser] needles being pulled out.”

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Ms. Wynn says that when she finally returned home with the police accompanying her, she planned “to show the police my home camera” with footage of the attack. However, the attacker had apparently returned during the time that the home was empty, because, as Ms. Wynn tells it, “everything was DELETED from the doorbell camera and inside the home.”

However, camera footage from previous days—and the footage Ms. Wynn posted to her Instagram, which appears to be recovered from the building’s security camera—supports her story. The stalking behaviors and the man taking a large floral arrangement out of a van as a ruse are all too real.

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“Ladies, be careful and watch your surroundings, this could happen to you [too]!” Sabrina advised in the post.

At this time, Atlanta PD has said that the investigation is ongoing. At the time of this writing, they have not released a description of the suspect, nor any information regarding any other leads to his identity or whereabouts.