30 Men Reveal Stuff They Didn’t Know Until They Lived With A Woman

Pexels/Sora Shimazaki

Men and women have more in common with each other than they are often taught to think, especially because the rigid boundaries of binary gender relax more every day.

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They just haven’t relaxed on Reddit, especially on r/AskMen. That’s where people go to learn more about Men from Men. If you’re a Woman, that can be very illuminating.

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Reddit user u/artudetan actually wanted to know what all these men understand about women, asking, “What did you not know or realize until after living with a woman?”

They offered an example, writing, “I had no idea that you weren’t supposed to wash your hair every day until after my girlfriend moved in.”

There were many responses and they had different tones. Some were a little mean, some were grateful, and lots of them were pretty amused. I’d say, a lot of men are shocked at how dirty women are when it comes to everything but our physical bodies.

It’s strange a guy might not learn these things from a mom, or sister, or auntie, but I guess living with another adult as an adult shifts awareness. And now they can never not know! Illusions shattered!

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Apparently showering and washing your hair are separate events. —loercase


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An innocent cleaning excursion in the right circumstances will lead to a full-on reorganization of all the dang furniture in the house, if you’re not careful. —nothanksreddit2


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Just how expensive and shoddy brands for women are. —BlackSunBeast


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The places that their hair will turn up… —AffectionateCap4653

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Women are both simultaneously messier and cleaner than men. It’s bizarre how messy rooms can get with them and how quickly they can turn it around and make it clean!

Also random hairs everywhere, and make-up stains that appear.

They also have a really weird obsession with glass containers or jars. —ciregno

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That she owns only one truly GOOD BRA. There is only one and part of your duty as a man is to protect The Good Bra. If you are doing laundry, you must take the greatest of precautions to make sure it is properly cleaned, dried, and stored. God forbid The Good Bra ever turn up missing or in the wrong drawer.

Ladies, why is there only one GOOD BRA? —StillHereUBastards

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No matter how many bobby pins are in the house, there is always a need for more —Sensitive-Cherry-398

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I live with three female roommates and one night we got onto the discussion of bathroom habits. Two of the three believed that men always stood up to piss.

Like if you were going number two and had to go number one you would stand up first and then sit down to finish the job. It was really funny to help to clarify men also sit to pee sometimes too. —zapp1121

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You find out the amount of food that a refrigerator can really hold. —AKA_Studly

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I was raised by a woman, so none of it was new to me, except:

Period Panties.

I wasn’t shocked or disgusted by it because I wasn’t a 12-year-old; it was just like, “Huh. Yeah, I guess I’d have a separate selection of underwear to use when I’m menstruating, too. Why the Hell would I ruin all of my sexy underwear?”. —saybeautifulthings

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I load the dishwasher so inefficiently, I’m no longer allowed to load it at all. —zathris

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If you leave something on the kitchen counter, it will get put/thrown away. If she leaves something on the kitchen counter, that’s where it goes now. —The_Bee_Sneeze

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You’ve been doing laundry wrong your whole life —colojason

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I learned that bathroom can smell like soap and flowers and coconut instead of like pee. —noclue_whatsoever

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Period sh-ts. —thetinystrawman

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Fancy makeup takes a long time. —thatnovaguy

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When you’re done showering, you’re supposed to stay on the bath mat while you dry off, not walk around the apartment —MeesterMeeseeks


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That moisturizer goes on the body too. —thought-criminal-_


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If they leave stuff at the bottom of the stairs, that means you’re supposed to bring it up. If it’s at the top of the stairs, you should bring it down. Also, the correct place for objects in the kitchen is where they currently reside. Stuff is gonna move around constantly, just roll with it. —Brianplease


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If you need to go anywhere together at minimum an hour notice is needed. —Sensitive-Cherry-398

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I learned to rip a cupcake in half, flip the top of the cupcake with the frosting so you have a frosting sandwich. —Indian_Tacoo

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I would say I didn’t realize how much better my life would be before finding someone who has strengths where I am weak and weakness where I am strong. We make a much better team than apart. —miketrance

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I always thought that pads operated like bandaids and they’d just slap em over their vaginas and absorb everything. It wasn’t until I was… 27? When my girlfriend at the time had some as a backup in case she ran out of tampons and I opened it and looked.

The adhesive was on the wrong side for my version of how they worked, and it dawned on me that they’re supposed to be stuck to their panties, not their vaginas. I only regret telling her of that revelation, because she laughed until she cried and then called her mom to tell her about it. —myepenisisbigger

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Pockets are very rare for women’s pants. Several years married and still shocked by this. —Timothy5509

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I never knew it was acceptable to drink red wine and read a book in the bath for hours, leaving it inaccessible until she had finished.

Also, destroying the toilet with the door open – I thought that was a guy thing. —UNSCChipsDubbo

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I didn’t know how frequently I’d get spontaneous massages, that’s been a nice surprise —Asshole-Wonderboy

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I never realised that she’d start wearing my clothes. T-shirts, sweaters, not even my damn underwear is mine any more! —Podlubnyi

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Apparently, cleaning the toilet on the regular is much, much more important than I’d previously thought. —onelittleworld


Two things: Be sure to have a trashcan in every bathroom, buy Toilet paper and tissues as Costco, and your expenses will go up. I thought it would be cheaper to have her move in, Nope…. —whataboutbobwiley


I didn’t realize the amount of comfort I would get. I always thought it would be like having a roommate but it’s way different especially with a SO. When my girlfriend and I started living together I felt more comfortable in just about every way in my own apartment. The empathy and emotions brought to the place is also incredible. It felt more opening and welcoming after living with a bunch of guys in college where emotions don’t really happen. —SoapsDisc