“What Makes A Girl Instantly Hot?”—15 Replies From Guys

Sometimes, you’re attracted to someone at first sight. There’s something that another person does that instantly interests you or causes you to want to pursue things further. It might be physical, but a lot of the time that other person acts in a way that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

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On Reddit, guys are sharing the things that instantly attract them to a girl.

And while boobs might be on the list, there’s so much more. Having a good sense of humor, being genuinely interested in your hobbies, acting in a caring manner. Oh, and playing video games. Can’t forget the video games.

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1. Saying She Has Feelings For You

“Apparently admitting she has feeling for me. Gets me every time.” — cojallison99

2. Similar Sense Of Humor

“When she has a similar sense of humour to me. If we can roast each other and make each other laugh without trying for hours on end, then that’s it, I’m basically in love.” — Jypahttii

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3. Good Jokes

“A sense of humor. I used to be a waiter and I was serving a girl and her mom. This girl was kind of pretty but not really my type. By the end of me waiting on her, from all her jokes and everything, I thought she was insanely attractive.” — OccamsNametag

4. Video Games

“This one girl liked playing Donkey Kong Country with me. Among many things, that was really awesome.” — ridiculously_single

5. Smile!

“I like a nice smile.” — Moneybraun

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6. Good Conversationalist

“Conversation skills. Especially being witty.” — Peace-out56

7. Kindness

“Kindness, generosity, intelligence, and confidence. These are all traits of a person, not just a woman, that make them instantly more attractive.” — MrAbominable1

8. A Good Hug

“A really good, full body, all-encompassing hug. Haven’t had one of those in too long, but dang, I remember how they could make a bad day so much better.” — MikeLynnTurtle

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9. Her Laugh

“Her laugh. If it’s easygoing and friendly, she’s hot.” — Keithninety

10. Being Goofy

“Goofiness is the icing on the cake.” — Guava_

11. Being Herself

“I started dating a girl who would dress in fancy clothes and seemed a little uptight. When I took her home one night, her dad met up with us with their golden retriever. The dog got really happy and started bouncing and it got dirt all over the girl’s fancy clothes. The girl just laughed and started playing with the dog. That made her very attractive! Just…Being herself and not caring about little stuff.” — Necromartian

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12. Happiness Over The Small Things

“I love when my fiancee gets happy about something small. Like when one piece comes on and she starts singing the intro music, or when fast food gets delivered and she does her little happy trot to the door.” — RaggamuffinTW8

13. Positive Attitude

“A good attitude. I cant count how many women on first look I think are not attractive at all, but when I hang out with them I’m incredibly attracted to them. So yeah that’s the winner for me. A good attitude.” — Indomitable_Dan

14. Showing Interest

“Sounds like a fake answer but really showing genuine interest is just about the hottest thing you can do. We want to feel wanted.” — mrmayyhem

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15. Being Caring

“When he/she cares about your mental wellbeing after you clearly had a shitty day and when he’s/she’s genuinely excited/happy for you on good days. I find that I can develop a crush with anyone who fits that description, even when I’d initially not be interested.” — Delta4o

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