“What Is The Weirdest Thing That Turns You On?”—20 Replies

weird turn ons

Reddit user LongRod11 recently inquired about people’s biggest turn-ons on AskReddit, posting:

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“What is the weirdest thing that turns you on?”

Here are 20 of the sauciest responses, and you may want to take notes.

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Maybe don’t read this during office hours. Or do, we’re not here to kink-shame.

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1. Duct Tape

“The sound of duct tape. My wife and I have this red sex tape stuff, its not actually sticky but sticks to itself, its used to tie her hands together or her ankles and it sounds like duct tape when you pull it off the role. So if I’m ever at work or out anywhere where they are using duct tape, that sound gives me a insta-boner.”


Hello, Pavlov.

2. Sex… with the clothes ON

“Sex with as much clothes on as possible.”

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Keep those socks on!!!

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3. Thigh-masters

“Women who can crush watermelons with their thighs, not them actually doing it, just the fact that they can.”

– OscarFlyerWeiner

Never underestimate the power of some meaty thighs.

4. Being Drawn

“Being drawn. Never happend with a girl i’m attracted to tho. But i think the sound of a pencil and the fact that i’m being looked at really closely could really work for me. Also, if she would do it while in lingerie it would work for me even better.”

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5. A Q-tip in ze ear

“Q-tip in my ear…”

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Didn’t realize it until now, but yes…

6. Sideburns

“Sideburns. Especially if the guy also wears spectacles.”

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7. Trim fingernails

“When my Husband trims his fingernails, I know things are going to go down later.”


A nice ole nail trimming for the win!

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8. Men with eyeliner

“Mmmm yes, also men in eyeliner *swoon*”

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9. Purse-wearing

“Purse strap between boobs.”


10. Test Anxiety

“Doing badly or running out of time on an exam. I don’t understand why it turns me on, but it’s super annoying and makes it hard to concentrate.”

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