21 People Share The Weirdest Rules Their Parents Made Them Follow As A Kid

weird rules growing up

We all grow up in households with rules. Some are stricter or weirder than others, but we have no way of knowing this until we get a little bit older and visit our friends’ houses, or learn more about the world through books and movies.

Of course, one person’s “weird rule” is another’s cultural norm—like taking shoes off inside the house, for instance.

But this doesn’t seem to be the case for any of the folks answering u/Korn_makes_me_horny, who recently asked folks on Reddit, “What’s the weirdest rule your parents made you follow as a kid?”

1. Chocolate PopTarts are dessert and therefore can only be eaten on Saturdays. Fruit PopTarts are obviously nutritious and are to be eaten during the week. (There was no healthy option instead of PopTarts.) — u/AnarchoNAP

2. If you farted, you had to sit on the toilet till you pooped.—u/MorgainofAvalon

3. It’s okay to steal vodka, but don’t you dare refill the bottle by blending it with water—u/langesjurisse

4. I was not allowed to mix my salad dressing in with my salad. I had to just hope it coated the leaves while I was eating it.—u/Different_Number_879

5. I wasn’t allowed to say, “I don’t care” when I was a kid. My parents viewed that as leading to a callous attitude about the suffering of others.—u/edgarpickle

6. Every morning when I woke up we had to eat a hotdog because my dad worked at the hotdog factory and he got unlimited free hotdogs so basically every meal for my entire childhood was hotdogs—u/supersecretsecretary

7. I couldn’t cut my hair above my shoulders… When my mom found out I was gay, she forbid me from going over to any females house except for the one girl I had a crush on…—u/Shyanneabriana

8. I was not allowed to put my hands in my pockets (unless I was getting something out of them). “Only lazy people put their hands in their pockets…”—u/QuetzacoatlsTears

9. My mom wouldn’t let me put posters on my wall because she said it would start a fire. Ya know, because my JTT posters might spontaneously combust.—u/HarryBallsbald

10. If someone asked me to hang out with them, I had to go (unless it was after curfew or someone my parents didn’t like).

As an adult, I understand that my parents wanted me to be social and wanted me out of the house, but how it felt as a kid was that I needed to give other people what they wanted, my time was not my own, and my feelings always came second to others. Not a great lesson to give your kid.—u/daintyladyfingers

11. We were not allowed to watch Harry Potter, but we were allowed to watch Wizards of Waverly Place.—u/ghostyrae

12. My friend’s Filipino mum would only let us play his Sega Megadrive for 15 minutes before literally kicking us out the house and locking the door so we had to play outside.

After 2 hours outside she would give us another 15 minutes on the Megadrive. I once sh*t myself in his driveway because she wouldn’t open the door.—u/Its-my-d*ck-in-a-box

13. Watching The Simpsons, ever. I was 10 when it premiered; now, in my 40s, I’m still not allowed to watch it in their house while visiting. The main reason I was always given was “It’s so crude!” “Crude” meaning the fact that Smithers is gay and Marge thought of cheating on Homer in one episode in 1990.—u/squishedgoomba

14. For the boys, no parting your hair down the middle until you’re 16. For the girls, no make up/eyebrow plucking/ shaving until you’re 16.—u/UnflippedPancake

15. Don’t leave your room if you’re home alone—u/BTTN_masher

16. You can’t eat sugar out of the sugar jar because it’ll give you worms. I still kinda believe it now at 28 lol, I’d rather be safe than sorry!—u/Iowsandhighs

17. When i was playing Video games i had to do 10 push ups every 10 minutes. My father was very strict with this rule. It really did me some good in life thou 🙂 thanks Dad!—u/CharlsonvomDach

18. Any nude scenes on on the TV had to be promptly covered by a towel, held up by mom. We called those scenes, “Towel Scenes.” She wrecked Porky’s for us.—u/BrooksideNL

19. I was not allowed to watch Family Guy, because my mom heard Cleveland say “thaaaaat’s naasssstyyy” and decided he had “a bad attitude.”—u/ValkyrjaValor

20. We had to drink three glasses of milk a day at home and one of them had to be with dinner. We were never really milk drinkers but my mom went through a period where she made us forced down a glass on milk with dinner every night for whatever reason.—u/ttttttttodayjr

21. My stepmom had this weird rule where we couldn’t whistle or play hide and seek if the sun set.—u/TwiKittyOof