“The Audacity”—Wedding Guest Cuts Herself A Slice Of Cake Before Bride And Groom, Sparking Debate

@mediocrehailey / TikTok


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A wedding guest recently posted a video of herself cutting into the bride & groom’s cake prematurely and I cannot FATHOM uploading this.

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Hailey, aka @mediocrehailey, says in the video that she ignored the dessert table full of brownies and “confidently” cut herself a piece of wedding cake because she thought the couple had forgotten to serve it up.

mediocrehailey / TikTok

The video shows Hailey slicing into the cake, which is obviously the wedding cake with the bride and groom topper. She grabs a slice, licks her finger, and wiggles along to the music. Then she wanders off and starts to talk with another guest.

mediocrehailey / TikTok
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She commented on the video, clarifying that the bride and groom had already done the whole “cake thing” and cut into it, but she still realized her error.

“I know better now,” the video’s on-screen text says. “I hate myself!”

The clip went viral with over 5.5 million views. Viewers were split on the blunder, though Hailey seems to have taken it all very well.

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“My apologies to the bride & groom,” the video’s caption reads.


My apologies to the bride & groom

♬ original sound – mediocrehailey
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People, who are not the bride, groom, or in any way related to the bride or groom, got mad.

“You have no idea how angry this is making me,” one viewer wrote in. 

“The way we would no longer be on speaking terms,” another commented. 

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“This made me angry and it’s not my wedding,” said a third.

Thankfully, the actual bride commented as well. She, too, seems to have taken it well: “…as the bride whose cake this is – SHE IS FORMALLY FORGIVEN AND HAS LEARNED HER LESSON IN WEDDING ETIQUETTE.”

Did that end this? No.

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“Omg so I see that the bride commented forgiving you but I still need to go through my own emotional process with this one,” one person said.

“This is funny but it reaally does tell u a lot abt the type of person someone is,” wrote a viewer.

Another TikToker wrote, “You couldn’t pry this information out of me if I did this to someone at their wedding.” 

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And then the kicker? Someone just said: “the audacity.”

Written by Kate Hackett

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