Female STEM Student Posts TikTok Of Male Classmates Interrupting Her And Goes Viral


Being a woman in a male-dominated field or business can be frustrating, to say the least. Even if you’ve got more knowledge and experience than your male colleagues, men tend to, well, dominate. The term “mansplaining” didn’t materialize out of thin air, after all. Fed up with this behavior, one female STEM student uploaded a TikTok video to call out her fellow classmates.

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University of Iowa student Claire McDonnell, 22, is one of just four women out of nearly 60 men in her graduate science and finance program. “My male classmates love listening to my input and letting me finish my sentences,” she wrote in the caption of her post. “True respectful kings.”

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my male classmates love listening to my input and letting me finish my sentences ❤️. true respectful kings 🥰. #fyp #womeninstem #misogyny #men

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In the selfie video, every time McDonnell opens her mouth to speak, one of her male classmates rudely interrupts or talks over her to finish her sentence. And not in the cute way romantic partners do. Throughout the video, McDonnell rolls her eyes, makes faces, and at one point even laughs out loud.

After her video went viral, McDonnell later told Buzzfeed News that despite experience and top standings in the program, none of the men seem to take her or her female counterparts seriously.

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“When I recorded that, it was just funny because I’ve worked in commercial underwriting for years, and [the assignment] was the same thing I did in that role. I have the most experience [out of] anyone.

This happens on a daily basis. There would be an assignment we [the other STEM women] would help other classmates with, and they would take credit for it. If we present an idea, whether it’s theoretical or any type of opinion, it’s always like they’re very hesitant to believe it.

And if they do believe it, then they take the credit like, I already knew that, and repeat it to other people and claim it as their own.”

Buzzfeed News

Even worse, McDonnell went on to call out some of the “creepy” behavior by her male classmates, including messaging her to “brazenly” make remarks about her looks or even asking her out.

McDonnell adds that “you almost have to laugh at how awful it is,” though she concedes that it’s a “very serious issue” and something needs to change. That much, for sure, is true—whether in a college STEM classroom or literally any other environment where women and men have to work together. Enough is enough, already!