Strippers Share What REALLY Happens In The VIP Room (16 Stories)


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There’s no question as to what goes on at the nudie bar. It’s right in the name: Strip Club. But for those folks who aren’t frequent patrons of the adult entertainment establishment, there are questions about the ever-illusive VIP room.

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In a dark club where lots of beautiful women are walking around naked, the VIP room is the most secret place in an already very intimidating setting. We know it’s expensive to go in, so assumptions will be made. But what EXACTLY goes on when a barely dressed, sweet-pea-scented goddess takes someone into the special room in the back?

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The professional pole workers (and a few patrons) of Reddit have shed some light on VIP room secrets for the prudes of the internet. Here are the 16 most popular answers, many of which you won’t expect.

1. Casual conversations to armpit sniffing

“I was a stripper in the past and I once had a man spend two champagne half hours ($500/half) for me to tell him about myself. What my plans were, etc etc. Also had a different dude pay me $50 to sniff my armpits. Then paid me $50 more to go downstairs [to the locker room], wipe off my deodorant, and let him smell them again.” –AvalancheQueen

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2. One hundred dollar sing-a-longs

“I worked in a club one summer a few years back… my favorite memory was the time a guy bought a full hour of my time and at one point “Wow.” by Post Malone came on while I was dancing for him in the VIP room. I always used to mouth along the words when my back was turned cause I’m a “sing while ya work” kinda person. I heard the guy quietly singing along and turned around to face him. we ended up singing along to the song together, while I was dancing naked for him. I always think of that time whenever I hear that song now.” –zzobear

3. The ‘ol VIP heel dig

“My roommate, who was a stripper, used to have a regular who just wanted her to grind her high heels into his junk. According to her, private dances run from not much happens to sex. Depends on the bar, depends on the dancer. She, herself, mostly had regular customers who came in to have somebody to hang out with. Basically, she sat half dressed or naked, and just chatted. She still came home outraged a lot of the time because somebody had offered her a few hundred bucks for sex of some sort. Some of her friends, if the offer was enough, would go further.” –Squigglepig52

4. Almost anything, if the price is right

“I was a stripper for several years before becoming an escort. I also worked private parties like bachelor parties. What goes on in VIP? Whatever you’re willing to pay for and what the stripper will do. Everyone says no sex in the VIP room. That’s pretty much exactly what it’s for.

First time I did anything sexual in VIP some guy said he’d pay me $500 to go down on me. I’ve done some crazy things in VIP since. Blowjobs are most common, I’ve had sex, gone down on girls, got spanked, danced while some guy fucked another stripper. If the price was right I’d do almost anything.” –cuckedprincess

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5. In an NYC VIP room

“NYC dancer here. So. Much. Coke.” –SherbetLoud185

6. In an LA VIP room

“You have to tell the customer how you feel about their screenplay.” –Poorly-Drawn-Beagle

7. Confessions of a Vegas Stripper of the 90’s

“I was a stripper at Club Paradise, Las Vegas in the early 90s. The VIP room there was always filled with celebrities, table side dancing was $30 a song, drinks cost more than the usual rate as well. The only difference was you were excepted to laugh at their stupid jokes and sit with them for hours, 90s David Lee Roth was insufferable.

I made more money out on the main floor. I also strongly disliked the power dynamic switch of celebrity status. On the main floor ,the girl is the attraction and the guys were on their best behavior with a ton of tuxedo wearing bouncers around. Up above the customer is in total control, which to me the entire point of stripping vs. working cocktails was eliminated when now the customer is the one who can snap his fingers and have people running around. If you are going to be half naked , control is important.

I also worked for a bit down the road at Olympic Gardens, not nearly as nice. I have no idea what happened in their weird velvet curtain rooms but I’m sure in involved STDs. And man, those girls walked out with so much cash in the morning, but they were always broke.” –ThatGirl_Tasha

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8. Rare and Risky

“The only club I’ve worked at where anything “more” was done regularly is now shut down. The private dances were full contact, but sex was very rare and risky.” –accidentw8ing2happen