“He Started Making Gagging Sounds”—Vegan Husband Throws Away Partner’s Meat Dinner

In a household where one spouse has totally different food preferences than the other, concessions have to be made in the kitchen. Whether one partner has allergies, aversions, or ethical concerns, it can be difficult to plan meals to share.

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Some couples decide to cook for themselves, like this particular Redditor who has a vegan husband. But what happens when meat is left out in the open and causes conflict?

“To preface: My husband 33 and I 29 have been together for 4 years. He’s vegan and I’m not. He cooks for himself and I cook for myself since he doesn’t eat meat products. Last night I prepared dinner and sat on the couch to eat and watch TV. I heard my phone ring upstairs and went to answer it as it was an important call. I got caught up in the conversation and didn’t realize I spent 6 min on the phone. I went downstairs after the call ended and saw my husband sitting on the couch. I looked past him and saw my dinner plate was gone. I looked around asking if he touched it and he said he dumped the food in the trashcan because It looked like It was left on the coffee table for a long time and there was bad smell coming out of it, almost like the meat was ‘rotting’ inside and said that while making a disgusted face.

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The OP yelled and said they had just prepared the dinner and was about to eat. Their husband said he didn’t know that the food was fresh and that the OP shouldn’t have left meat products out because they cause him to feel disgusted. He said the living room was a mutual space, and the OP disrespected him by leaving meat around.

“I mentioned that he always eats his food in the living-room, sometimes the bedroom even. He said ‘so you’re saying you’re disgusted with my cooking?’ I asked if he was disgusted with mine but he explained that his problem was me leaving meat on display with total lack of consideration for his health. We got in a big argument then I went upstairs and refused to do the dishes after he reminded me since that’s my part of chores (true). He ended up doing them himself and started complaining I was punishing him for what happened by making him do the dishes with his injured (he had an accident) hand. I said since his injured hand threw my dinner away then it can do the dishes just fine, but he said I’m violating the deal and not sticking to my part of chores.

The OP thinks maybe their husband was right in saying that the living room is a shared space, and they shouldn’t have left the meat there. What do Redditors think?

“NTA. Your husband sure is. I understand that he’s not thrilled with you eating meat. However…He behaved in a childish and petty manner. What he did was both wasteful and disrespectful. There is no way he would have allowed meat to sit around for days thus allowing it to ‘rot and smell bad.’ He knew you were a meat eater prior to marriage.If he had a problem with it, he shouldn’t have gotten married,” said Any-Scientist-7467.

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“Honestly, I haven’t eaten meat for 10+ years and it’s pretty fucking obvious that freshly cooked plate of meat isn’t rotting. It also won’t affect his health to have it in his vicinity. These are all just bullshit excuses. As a vegan that genuinely pisses me off cause he just wasted meat just be a petty AH,” said Tanooki07.

“NTA. So your husband is a vegan and doesn’t agree with eating meat, but surely by throwing your food away he’s now made it so the animal died for absolutely no reason, since you didn’t get to eat it? Not only does he sound rude, controlling, condescending and obnoxious, he’s also furthering the problem by wasting the meat that would have at least died for a reason if you’d been able to eat it. I absolutely hate people that force their way of life on others. I’m a vegetarian but would never stop my husband eating meat because that’s his choice,” explained goldiefelix.

“NTA. He knew what he was doing. At first it seemed like an honest mistake. However he then said you left meat there for him to be disgusted, which implies he threw it our because he didn’t want to be near meat, not be cause he thought the food was old. Also having cooked it just 6 minutes ago the food would still be warm which he would have felt through then plate. Although he was the a**hole you need to decide if your different lifestyles are compatible,” noted ShiloX35.

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